Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sterling's first P-Day in England

mamabear!!!!! hello hello :) im glad to hear your having fun with gamps, gram and shelb! you will have to let me know how that is. holy questions ha ok lets see, the mtc food is actually really good :) only problem is is that they get so used to just doing normal food that sometimes they get mixed up but i have only gotten contaminated a few times so its alright! the gf food here is so awesome though ! you would love it for sure. its nothing close to your cooking but comparitive to the store bought stuff in the states its so much better, so i have the better end over here store wise but i miss that good home cookin. ha! uhh i get about seven hours usually i sleep pretty good :) it was hard at first because i didnt sleep ever and then i get here and i have a set schedual (however you spell it) for every hour of the day. but time is going so fast i try and slow it down because i love it here!! i totally questioned everything i kew the first few days though so that was sorta hard but im here to learn and i did learn a lot :) my companion is awesome ill show you some pictures that we took. he is a total  by the book guy and i think thats what i needed. we have to do everything together so ill ask if we can go do something and if its against the rules he will give me page and paragraph in the white rule book where you cant ha so its great. he hits all the doctrine and i just testify. our other room mates are elder dalton from utah and elder ramos from south africa. johanisburg to be exact.......i love all these guys its going to be hard to leave them in the next week... :( but thats ok. pretty much the mtc here is the exact same as the one in provo workout wise  but i have been waking up early with my district to run about five kilometers.... still sore from that but it was good :) we cross train so our bodies are diggin it...
my view on missionary work has changed completely though like i thought we were just so pushy but really all it is is an invatation man i cant spell.. this dosent have spell check and these key boards are a little different im super slow.. but ya i have loved the work! and elder butler and i were the first ones to get a batism date in our situational invesigators! (which means not real) but we have gotten so united that we just teach off of each other and its super fun :)
so i only have 20 min ish because i didnt bring shower shoes and i need to go to the market.... the showers here are all connected so there is one drain on the last one........... uhh ya gross so i have to husle to get the shower at the top :) there is a little island so i just tippy toe on that and shower ha oh and letters here are so spendy!! i paid a pound seventyseven for the letter i sent you huys with that weird chocolate styff!!!!!
ah man well im livin the dream!!
so i sure love you mom :) telll the family about this ok :)#
the weather is great by the way it rains all the time but its been pretty sunny the last few days so sports have been super fun
oh and thanks for not sheltering me to much :) that dosent sound really fun although i would have loved spending time with you :) i hope you get my letters!! i love you
love, Elder Wiser

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