Sunday, June 30, 2013


moooommmmm :) I have three min to tell you that I'm leaving on wendsday... however you spell it. to my first area :) so ya thats all i have to tell ya that and that i love you guys :)uhhhhhhh im going to miss it here its like leaving a second family.. ah man..... i hope you got those photos :) well i have two min... i printed off the e mail stant sent me so ill hand write that on the bus as im drinving to my area... just think wednesday ill be out teaching and meeting people in my new area!!! and ill have my new companion... well stuff is gettin real.. these two weeks have gone way to fast though... well my time is up . i love you family!!!! so much everyone here says how beautiful we are ha yay us :) well i love love!! im getting a little emotinal doing this so ill finish tellin you about everything by hand. ps it took about six days for those dear elders to get to me... hand letters are even slower, ha yay england!!!! well much love.
elder wiser

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