Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 29, 2015

Hey mom :) man your harley ride sounds freezing.... plus going fifty or sixty miles per hour... frozen!! some of the stuff people come out with now adays though is really cool.. I heated jacket haha man.. Dad is a legend :)

We had an alright week.. Elder Magda was sick at the beginning so we only left for appointments.. which means this week we are going to suffer a bit... if you don't find for a week it takes three weeks to get back to normal... I'm hoping a lot of the investogators we have now will hold for this week. We have some really cool people we are teaching.

I am able to stay focused :) I don't feel trunky in a way that I don't want to do anything.. I'm excited but I feel normal.. it doesn't seem real to me haha its just weird that in four sundays i'll have been out for two years and on a plane.... man its so weird!! last night before I went to sleep I got really nervous about coming home so I started to read the Ensign and there was a quote that said "as seedlings of God we barley blossom on earth, we fully flower in heaven" I thought that was pretty cool. I was a bit worried about learning everything I should have, and things like that but going home is just the next step in the plan... if God sent me here in this time and this place then when I go home there will always be work for me to do.. I'm in the process of setting some home goals :) so moral of that lesson... out here I need to do what I can.. not focus on the past or anything else that is holding my back.. so yeah that was a good lesson!

My comp is way cool :) it's way weird not having an American. haha I found that Elder Winder and I have loads of slang that we use that doesn't make sense to people here... so I have had to work on my English a bit. as well there is just a different view on how to do things which is great, we are going to have sick last transfer of my mission!!! yeahh!!!

man palu as well.. he is so flippin cool. I love being around friends, him and toupu are legends!! we are going to tear it up!!

So we had a pretty cool thing happen.. the sisters in city center refered a Hungarian family to us because of Elder Magda. We were stoked!! so it was around seven miles.. so we started the trek and it was pouring rain!! it rained till we got there and got of our bikes. taught this family of ten Hungarians.... ten!!!!! what the heck! it was so cool!! they didn't speak much English so i just listened until the asked me stuff about America but it was really cool :) so we will be teaching them well I say we but I just sit there haha two or three times a week. I don't know anything of what was said but they seemed happy and were asking questions so that means good!

Man I only have four weeks left.... ahh man!!!!!

so I found a scripture this morning that was really good.

its D&C 101:8

I would type it but I left my scriptures so I could carry extra stuff.

Call upon God all the time!! Not just when things are bad. God isn't a bank he is a friend, we need to do things for him as well.  work for the lord and he will bless you!!

love you guys!

elder wiser

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 21, 2015

***Here are two stories I shared with Sterling - he commented on them so I wanted you to be able to know what he was talking about.

Sneaker Wave:

A few years ago I had an experience with deceptive appearances where the results could have been tragic. My wife’s cousin and family were visiting us from Utah. It was a calm summer day on the Oregon coast, and we were fishing in the ocean. It was pleasant, and we were having a good time catching salmon, when for some reason I turned around to see a huge eight-foot wave bearing down upon us. I only had time to shout a warning before the wave hit us broadside. Somehow the boat stayed upright, but Gary, our cousin, was thrown overboard. We were all wearing life jackets and with some difficulty maneuvered the boat, half filled with water, to where he was floating and pulled him aboard.
We had been hit by what is called a sneaker wave. It doesn’t happen often, and there is no way to predict an occurrence. Later we found that up and down the Oregon-Washington coast, five people had drowned that day in three separate boating accidents. All were caused by the same sneaker wave, which for no apparent reason had welled up off the ocean surface. At the time we went out over the bar, the ocean was flat and calm and gave no sign of any danger. But the ocean turned out to be very deceptive and not at all what it appeared to be.
As we make our way through this life’s journey, we must continually be on guard and watch for those things which are deceptive and not what they appear to be. If we are not careful, the sneaker waves in life can be as deadly as those in the ocean. (R. Conrad Schultz, “Faith obedience,” Ensign may 2002)

President David O. Mckay’s horse “Dandy”

I had great pleasure in training a well-bred colt. He had a good disposition, clean, well-rounded eye, was well proportioned, and all in all, a choice animal. Under the saddle he was as willing, responsive, and cooperative as a horse could be. He and my dog, Scotty, were real companions. I liked the way he would go up to something of which he was afraid. He had confidence that if he would do as I bade him he would not be injured.
But my horse Dandy resented restraint. He was ill-contented when tied and would nibble at the tie rope until he was free. He would not run away; he just wanted to be free. Thinking other horses felt the same, he would proceed to untie their ropes. He hated to be confined in the pasture, and if he could find a place in the fence where there was only smooth wire, he would paw the wire carefully with his feet until he could step over to freedom. More than once my neighbors were kind enough to put him back in the field. He learned even to push open the gate. Though he often did damage that was provoking and sometimes expensive, I admired his ingenuity.

But his curiosity and desire to explore the neighborhood led him and me into trouble. Once on the highway he was hit by an automobile, resulting in a demolished machine, injury to the horse, and slight, though not serious, injury to the driver. Recovering from that, and still impelled by a feeling of wanderlust, he inspected the fence throughout the entire boundary. He even found the gates wired. So for a while we thought we had Dandy secure in the pasture.
One day, however, somebody left the gate unwired. Detecting this, Dandy unlatched it, took another horse with him, and together they visited the neighbor’s field. They went to an old house used for storage. Dandy’s curiosity prompted him to push open the door. There was a sack of grain. What a find! Yes, and what a tragedy! The grain was poisoned bait for rodents! In a few minutes Dandy and the other horse were in spasmodic pain, and shortly both were dead.

How like Dandy are many of you young people! You are not bad; you do not even intend to do wrong; but you are impulsive, full of life, full of curiosity, and long to do something. You, too, are restless under restraint, but if left to wander without direction, you all too frequently find yourselves in the environment of temptation and too often are entangled in the snares of evil.)

Hi Mom,

dang.... those stories are for missionaries.. I have names come to mind that are just like the rebellious horse... but I also know the obedient ones :) I feel like most learn eventually but others dive head first into those oats and have to sort themselves out with what they are given... man im so glad i have learned what i have learned.

but ya!!! its my last transfer!! what the heck!! its way weird but im just going to act like im getting transferred again ha to the best area on earth!! the land of never ending p days haha that's what elder winder called it all the time :) there is a bunch of stuff i need to figure out for home so ill be thinking about that.. my thing is.. with these schools... i haven't had time that i can just sit and think about it.. there is always something going. but can i wait till i go home for it make it or should i just focuse more on it out here?

im down with either... BYU would be a better church experience.. and Utah state would be crazy and loads of fun.. i think BYU would be better for me so im in a good environment. after all the only thing that matters on earth is the gospel. so i should put that first. i gave into the fun side already haha so ill tell smart i need some more time... but i want to have some guidance of where i should go. that's just sort of what i worked out myself.. i don't know anything other than what you have told me. thing is i trust you guys loads...if you said go to BYU i would do it. i got that a bit from dads email. ha i think you guys know my personality really well.. i need structure or i get lazy but i understand that i need to choose because this is the beginning of my flippin life.. man its scary. but when i make a decision ill feel loads of weight come off me. ill make the right one. im just going to try and take Sunday evening and pray about it.. ill have a fast as well.. but based off my own mind i feel like BYU would be better for my future. i wont have loads of money to throw around when i come home anyway so ill have to find some cheaper hobbies :)

man i wish i could talk to you face to face!! ha im going to keep gathering info though. the hard part is all of it is opinionated out here. i get to talk to you may tenth though :) which is like twenty days away haha ah man..

with the guys who are depressed... i have that happen every now and again... the thing that keeps me going is to just talk with people or bear your testimony.. or like i try and have a good conversation with someone.. just something uplifting.. because if that's what you look for you will find it.. i have read the book of Mormon before just at random for some positive energy
.. hmm i would suggest to just find something that is positive that you can rely on to lift you when you are down.. its best to make it the iron rod though.. i have tried it with other thing but you can always count on that

mom i gotta tell you i love you so much!! during the week i just have moments where i testify of the family and the gospel and i feel so much love for you guys. i see the blessings from this gospel everyday :) i love it!

man i love my mission.

so with obedience.. that is such a good topic.. i really love talking about it.. one thing we talked about in family home evening yesterday was sins of disposition, sins of omission and sins of commission..

every bad decisions i have ever made was driven from bad thoughts... each and everyone. disposition is like dwelling on negative or like thinking like man im doing this why don't i have this! omission is not doing something that is good. so like your not breaking one of the ten commandments or anything but you see someone who needs help and you don't. or you feel like you should share the gospel with someone and you don't.. commission is breaking rules knowingly... 

so each one leads to the other. i remember times where i would do a sin of commission but i wouldn't feel the spirit leave... that's because it left at the first one disposition.. everything is a chain ha i have seen that so much on my mission.. 

like if for example lets say i have a tough companion... and i sulk about it all day.. i still do the normal stuff but im not happy to do it.... then i start to get lazy. like man why wont this dude help me GQ or something.... well im not going to..  i don't want to do everything.. and that leads to commission.. like listening to music to help yourself "feel better" haha rubbish. but i have learned that and i know that the only way to feel better is to repent and get back on track.. music or anything else we try and "feel better" with are just an illusion.. that is Satan's way of leading us down to the gulf of misery and endless wooooo haha if we follow the mirage? (spelling) that Satan gives us we will soon find that we have absolutely nothing.. one guy we are teaching has a disease called multiple sclerosis.. so when we are at his house he has everything he wants.. a great dog an Xbox and PlayStation a big tv..he has tried all these different drugs and everything he can do... (i felt like i was in a movie listening to this)... and he thought for about ten seconds and said... this is worthless.... i have everything i want and i have nothing.... there is a gap of want that i have that is never fully satisfied... dean was with us that day and he said.. man i used to do that same thing. i used to always thing ah man that new movie or song is coming out! then i would watch it one or two times and not again... or man i want to go there or get this motorcycle... but i never found anything that could fill that gap... until i humbled myself and asked god what i should do... he went on to testify about the gospel :) man!! cool huh? i am in a movie right now.... i read a scripture in Jacob the other day where he said that his life is passing away like it is a dream.. i feel that so much.. i have experiences where im just like wow... i bet that happened to alma haha its so cool :) i wish i could extend. 

I loved it :) then just like the days of old.. elder Palu and I testified of it and backed it with experiences we had haha I'm so happy to be around him.

so my new companion is elder mogda! he is from szeged, Hungary, he is 26 years old and has been on his mission for 14 months. man i can already tell you guys this transfer is going to be so dang good :) we are going to work our guts out :) he is the new district leader here!! wooooo ha

I had been district leader for 7 transfers. which is about ten and a half months.. i'll admit its way weird.. I came in the flat last night just doing what I have don't for the past year and then I remembered I didn't have to do it anymore!! man I'm going to miss it.. I learned so much being district leader

So a little poem I found this morning

Author Unknown
The average runner runs
until the breath in him is gone,
But the champion has the iron will
that makes him carry on.
For the rest the average runner begs
when limp his muscles grow,
But the champion runs on leaden legs,
his courage makes him go.
The average man's complacent
when he's done his best to score,
But the champion does his best,
and then he does a little more.

I feel like that is where I am at :) ha im so cheesy!! I love feeling like im a warrior! so when I read this I was like man... this is my last bit... I need to do a little more :)
This is my last transfer as a 20 year old missionary.. I'm going to try my best to leave a mark in this country, I'm gonna talk to everyone!!

if there is anything i know.. its that the church is true :) i love it so much. I have had so many experiences that tell me God is real and that Christ walked the earth 2,000 years ago so that I can become what I want to be and what God wants me to be. 

love you guys!!

Elder Wiser :)

man I had some time to email today! flippin heck that feels pretty good. I have time to ramble on and say stuff haha

im going to miss elder winder though.. he is a solid dude.

the new guy is awesome though!!

love you!

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hey Mom!! we had a great week this week :)

How are you doing?

Ha with stanton's letter... yeah it was good writing it.. I remembered lots of stuff I need to remember... I felt load of love for him as well... that kid is going to be something great... all covered in fluff :) haha remember that jackalope thing dad used to watch all the time? I honestly have so much confidence in him though its going to be fun to see how God uses him in Australia :)

Oh man ossie wrote you... that's cool :) He is an awesome dude! He is so flippin funny haha we will be walking to an appointment or something and he will just stop random girls and ask if they would give him the kiss of life if he passed out right then and there, hahaha it is so dang funny. I love that guy :) good old English humor.

Deans mini mission.... that was actually a pretty crazy week. ha! There wasn't loads to report on because all we did was find all week long.... we taught three lessons when we were with him.. he was really disappointed... he even had a day when he wanted to pack his bags.... he experienced what every missionary that serves experiences. There will always be times when you want to take the easy way out.. but only God knows what will happen if you stay :) because Dean was with us and all the hard effort we put in... we taught 18 lessons this week.. with ten new people who want to learn about the gospel. The week with Dean was a builder week :) but we didn't give up so God blessed us :)

Some of the people are so dang cool!!

We are teaching 2 familys.... which is my dream! it has been such a crazy week.. but we started fresh today so we have to do it again!! I fell like I'm finally finding a good system of how to be organized and not waste as much time running around contacting people that were not interested.. it works pretty good so far.. but I think we can sort something out so its better... we will see.

So a few of the people we are teaching..

One girl is named Jodie. she is a referral from the other missionarys.. she is so golden!! we took brother marshal with us and taught the plan of salvation.. at the beginning of the lesson she said she had read moroni chapter ten... but wanted to learn more so she started from the beginning and read six chapters!! what the heck!!?!! her son likes her to read it to her as well!! how cool is that?? then at the end bro Marshall was giving his testimony about how he received his answer 40 years ago reading and praying... he said he prayed every day expecting not to get an answer until one day he felt a really warm feeling in his heart.. he said he laid on his bed and couldn't stop crying... that's how he know. When he finished she was like no way!! I had that exact same thing happen yesterday. She already knows its true :) How cool is that? She is really prepared. 

One of the families is from Nigeria, they were taught in the past and are so dang cool. We have been over there twice and we are pretty good friends :) I love meeting with people who are friends! its a recharge for us missionaries and it helps the spirit be there.

I just feel good :) life is good :)

One thing though... the number of people you teach dosent matter.... as long as you do your best and keep working your a succesfull missionary.. even if we didn't teach anyone this week we would have found all day just like the week before :) that's what we do!!

True Nobility 
Edgar Guest - 1916 - A Heap o' Livin' 

Who does his task from day to day And meets whatever comes his way, Believing God has willed it so. 
Has found real greatness here below. 
Who guards his post, no matter where, Believing god must need him there, Although but lowly toil it be, Has risen to nobility. 
For great and low there's but one test: `Tis that each man shall do his best. Who works with all the strength he can Shall never die in debt to man.

sorry... I can't change the font or size, ha! I don't know how... but this is what we are called to do!! to man our post and testify of Christ. no matter what the results we do what God asks when we keep working.

God is good!!!

the church is true :)

love you! have a great week :)

love elder wiser

so I went off the rails a little and got some tattoos :) haha

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015

Hey family :)

what a good general conference!!

I felt so edified during this one.. I was so so tired during each session but as soon as the opening prayer was said.. I was on the edge of my seat till the closing.. I flippin loved it!! I cant wait to watch them again.

So I felt like a huge part of the messages given was about marriage and fatherhood....... trunky!! haha naw I'm just kidding. 
I really felt the resopsobility the a father has though. It made me think of Dad and Grandpa and some of the other father figures I have in my life.. parenthood is the most important calling we can have.. it effects so much.

Marriage is more than love. its a link to the generations.. its crazy how the woman you marry... will effect every single thing in your life...from everything!! if my wife likes to eat gluten free mac and cheese ill eat lots! you know? that's sorta dumb but its like the smallest thing I could think of. I'm excited to have a best friend that I can work with in helping others. my mission has helped me loads with communication and things like that.. what I know is that a family who is built on the gospel of Jesus Christ will be a successful one. The church is true and if you stick to following the holy ghost and example of Christ.. you can't go wrong.

So with my new found drive to get married and have a family in a few years I got like a confidence in talking to girls haha so I know I'm a missionary so I wasn't being dumb but there was this girl that just got back from her mission from temple square. She is so pretty.. but I was like what the heck she served an hour from my house.. so I went up to say hi..... haha I got smacked with like high school and how scary girls are haha so don't worry mom ill be at home till I'm 30 :)

ah man jokes jokes :)

I love this gospel so much though..

Elder Hollands story of the cliff.. I have felt Gods hands lift me from the ledge. Jesus Christ will stand by me forever all I have to do is choose to stand by him.

I am a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints
I know this is Christ's church and I'm going to work so others will know that as well.

love you guys!
have a great week.
love elder wiser

Dean finished his mini mission with us this week.. it was so good!! we saw loads of miracles :) he is the man!!

I sent you some photos from Alexs phone as well. They visited Nottingham yesterday. I love alex and Wei Wen so much!! the sun is shining here as well. its the best!

mom. I was thinking about it last night and I want to go to Utah state :) is that ok? Elder Smart and the boys said that they will call you and sort everything out.. but the thing is is that I have zero money.. ill be able to get a job for the times im not in school and stuff but Smart told me that Utah state was more expensive... so me personally I would love to go to Utah state. I prayed about it and I feel that God is leaving it to me. I'm going to let elder smart know that I'm in but when he calls you, if you think BYU I is better. lll do it :) I just want to go to school ha life isn't about always chillin with the homies.. I can make friends wherever I go.. Utah state... man I'm so excited!! your going to love these guys mom ha they are nuts.

thanks mom! sorry for how bad I suck.. I wish I could talk to you face to face.. we can in a month or so but yeah.. i'll check my email in the week when I'm with dean. if you have an email you want me to see just make an eye catching subject :) and not that tuffy died or something haha I wont be able to see the email because of tears.

love you!

April 6, 2015

Mom!!! Hey :) Conference was so dang good!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. haha I took loads of notes... I don't know if your remember the little orange book I used to have, but I filled it up with this conference!! so I filled a full note book of notes! I dont have loads of time left for today, it's bank holiday today so we are emialing at Deans house.  We are going into town today and meet Alex and Wei Wen! We are just going to have lunch and play some games or something.

 ill send some of my favorite thoughts though :)

What I got the most out of this conference was marriage and fatherhood, haha! the whole time I was getting hit with spiritual waves.. lets see

one from Dale Renlund.. a saint is a sinner that keeps on trying.. thats why we are latter day saints and not latterday sinners haha

man I look loads of notes

as well Uchtdorf talking about potemkins villiage... I feel like that quite a bit. so I'm going to try and be a normal human being.. I am me :)

I'm actually pretty districted right now ha we are going to emial for an hour tomorrow i'll compile some notes and stuff to share with you guys.

it looks like powell was way sweet though!! Dad sent some photos. Man the sunshine!!!! It looks way awesome.  
Shay ha I'm stoked to read stuff as well :) thats way cool with shelby auditioning for productions!!! i'll totally pray for her. what day is it?

you guys are awomse though!! I'll email the family email tomorrow.

love you!

April 1, 2015 - Bonus

Hey mom!! so Dean is with us on a mini mission.. it has been so good. We have for sure see some big miracles.  It has been super uplifting. Yesterday we were on exchanges with the zone leaders. So Elder Ross, Me, and Dean. So we swiched off street contacting with Dean.. we found 17 potentials in one day!! in Bulwell!!! how cool is that :) We were so happy. the Lord blesses us. on Friday we have 8 return appointments with new investogators haha I feel like im in a Utah mission!

March 30, 2015

Hey mom! holy cow.... its almost April!! that's my last full month before I come home!! ha I'm really looking forward it. there are some things I need to sort out but I think it will be really good to see how life goes.

The stuff you sent on faith is awesome. its funny how hardships can come in so many different ways. someone doing something or not doing something, our own halt in progression.. there is loads of stuff. its dang true though.. I have easily learned the most when stuff is super tough. it sucks in the middle of it but I have tried to have an attitude of building myself from it instead of weathering the storm.

what days are you guys in powell this week? that's going to be sick!! I'm super stoked for that.

Oh shelb has some eye issues... that's no good.  I actually feel like im going to fall apart when I get home. my teeth are on their last leg. my eyes. I'm fat. haha it will be good to get fixed in a few months. I'm still working out though so it will be fun :) I have planned a few things I want to do when I get back. some hikes and stuff :)

I'm going to Nottingham today! so im a titch short on time. 

love you mom!