Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hey Mom!! we had a great week this week :)

How are you doing?

Ha with stanton's letter... yeah it was good writing it.. I remembered lots of stuff I need to remember... I felt load of love for him as well... that kid is going to be something great... all covered in fluff :) haha remember that jackalope thing dad used to watch all the time? I honestly have so much confidence in him though its going to be fun to see how God uses him in Australia :)

Oh man ossie wrote you... that's cool :) He is an awesome dude! He is so flippin funny haha we will be walking to an appointment or something and he will just stop random girls and ask if they would give him the kiss of life if he passed out right then and there, hahaha it is so dang funny. I love that guy :) good old English humor.

Deans mini mission.... that was actually a pretty crazy week. ha! There wasn't loads to report on because all we did was find all week long.... we taught three lessons when we were with him.. he was really disappointed... he even had a day when he wanted to pack his bags.... he experienced what every missionary that serves experiences. There will always be times when you want to take the easy way out.. but only God knows what will happen if you stay :) because Dean was with us and all the hard effort we put in... we taught 18 lessons this week.. with ten new people who want to learn about the gospel. The week with Dean was a builder week :) but we didn't give up so God blessed us :)

Some of the people are so dang cool!!

We are teaching 2 familys.... which is my dream! it has been such a crazy week.. but we started fresh today so we have to do it again!! I fell like I'm finally finding a good system of how to be organized and not waste as much time running around contacting people that were not interested.. it works pretty good so far.. but I think we can sort something out so its better... we will see.

So a few of the people we are teaching..

One girl is named Jodie. she is a referral from the other missionarys.. she is so golden!! we took brother marshal with us and taught the plan of salvation.. at the beginning of the lesson she said she had read moroni chapter ten... but wanted to learn more so she started from the beginning and read six chapters!! what the heck!!?!! her son likes her to read it to her as well!! how cool is that?? then at the end bro Marshall was giving his testimony about how he received his answer 40 years ago reading and praying... he said he prayed every day expecting not to get an answer until one day he felt a really warm feeling in his heart.. he said he laid on his bed and couldn't stop crying... that's how he know. When he finished she was like no way!! I had that exact same thing happen yesterday. She already knows its true :) How cool is that? She is really prepared. 

One of the families is from Nigeria, they were taught in the past and are so dang cool. We have been over there twice and we are pretty good friends :) I love meeting with people who are friends! its a recharge for us missionaries and it helps the spirit be there.

I just feel good :) life is good :)

One thing though... the number of people you teach dosent matter.... as long as you do your best and keep working your a succesfull missionary.. even if we didn't teach anyone this week we would have found all day just like the week before :) that's what we do!!

True Nobility 
Edgar Guest - 1916 - A Heap o' Livin' 

Who does his task from day to day And meets whatever comes his way, Believing God has willed it so. 
Has found real greatness here below. 
Who guards his post, no matter where, Believing god must need him there, Although but lowly toil it be, Has risen to nobility. 
For great and low there's but one test: `Tis that each man shall do his best. Who works with all the strength he can Shall never die in debt to man.

sorry... I can't change the font or size, ha! I don't know how... but this is what we are called to do!! to man our post and testify of Christ. no matter what the results we do what God asks when we keep working.

God is good!!!

the church is true :)

love you! have a great week :)

love elder wiser

so I went off the rails a little and got some tattoos :) haha

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