Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 29, 2015

Hey mom :) man your harley ride sounds freezing.... plus going fifty or sixty miles per hour... frozen!! some of the stuff people come out with now adays though is really cool.. I heated jacket haha man.. Dad is a legend :)

We had an alright week.. Elder Magda was sick at the beginning so we only left for appointments.. which means this week we are going to suffer a bit... if you don't find for a week it takes three weeks to get back to normal... I'm hoping a lot of the investogators we have now will hold for this week. We have some really cool people we are teaching.

I am able to stay focused :) I don't feel trunky in a way that I don't want to do anything.. I'm excited but I feel normal.. it doesn't seem real to me haha its just weird that in four sundays i'll have been out for two years and on a plane.... man its so weird!! last night before I went to sleep I got really nervous about coming home so I started to read the Ensign and there was a quote that said "as seedlings of God we barley blossom on earth, we fully flower in heaven" I thought that was pretty cool. I was a bit worried about learning everything I should have, and things like that but going home is just the next step in the plan... if God sent me here in this time and this place then when I go home there will always be work for me to do.. I'm in the process of setting some home goals :) so moral of that lesson... out here I need to do what I can.. not focus on the past or anything else that is holding my back.. so yeah that was a good lesson!

My comp is way cool :) it's way weird not having an American. haha I found that Elder Winder and I have loads of slang that we use that doesn't make sense to people here... so I have had to work on my English a bit. as well there is just a different view on how to do things which is great, we are going to have sick last transfer of my mission!!! yeahh!!!

man palu as well.. he is so flippin cool. I love being around friends, him and toupu are legends!! we are going to tear it up!!

So we had a pretty cool thing happen.. the sisters in city center refered a Hungarian family to us because of Elder Magda. We were stoked!! so it was around seven miles.. so we started the trek and it was pouring rain!! it rained till we got there and got of our bikes. taught this family of ten Hungarians.... ten!!!!! what the heck! it was so cool!! they didn't speak much English so i just listened until the asked me stuff about America but it was really cool :) so we will be teaching them well I say we but I just sit there haha two or three times a week. I don't know anything of what was said but they seemed happy and were asking questions so that means good!

Man I only have four weeks left.... ahh man!!!!!

so I found a scripture this morning that was really good.

its D&C 101:8

I would type it but I left my scriptures so I could carry extra stuff.

Call upon God all the time!! Not just when things are bad. God isn't a bank he is a friend, we need to do things for him as well.  work for the lord and he will bless you!!

love you guys!

elder wiser

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