Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 5, 2015

Hey!! haha I'm so stoked as well!! its just weird that when I see your faces all be able to see them in sixteen days after that!! haha what a flippin day... this is all so weird for me! I have been sitting in appointments when teaching just feeling so comfortable and so good. I'm going to absolutely cram my last few weeks... stay up late and wake up early haha I need to make a list of stuff I gotta do so I don't die my last week but I'm going to work so hard. We have a goal to teach twenty lessons this week.... we have started off pretty good :) im going to leave my mark here!!!! this is going to be great!!

stuff is going good here. we are still teaching quite a bit and we have some awesome awesome investigators... I have really felt the power in bearing testimony this week... it has been insane. just really felt the spirit loads during them. even if people are questioning everything. just hit them with your testimony.

sorry.... this is going to be a little shorter.. there is a theology major dude sitting across from me that wants to talk... flip!!! so its going to be shorter

wo!! BYU-I it is haha flippin heck... I really want to pay for schooling... the thing is is there is a car in there.... lap top.... like... thinking about  it I just want to laugh haha I'm going to be so stressed when I get back... there will be no more buying candy all the time!! I'm going to be counting pennies :) I'm so excited to see what I can do though.... can I take the stresses of life on? I think so! its going to be great :)

 so it was Elder Palu's birthday last week  -Tuesday and we had a bbq planned.. then the zone lords called and said we would be getting four other missionarys to sleep over for a huge mission wide meeting we would have the next day!! and all of them were legends!! it was so much fun :)

we baked a cake for him! I did the inside magda did the outside :)

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