Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hey Mom, 

It is my last week!! what the heck!?

It is going to be so good. This last week was so amazing we have seen some miracles. 

I have re-learned some amazing lessons this week. Elder Magda and I have been teaching a man named Dave for a long time. Dave is awesome. He is really intelligent and whenever we go over we always laugh but leave with something to think about. It has been super cool getting to know him. So he is a former investigator of Elders Packer and Sever. Sever is in Palu's group and Packer is about as old as me. He is one of Deans friends so we thought we would stop by. It has been an adventure!! He can think so deep into things I always view as simple it's crazy haha it has helped me dig though. At the beginning he didn't know that God was there... after about two weeks he received and answer that God was there and that he loved him. but he didn't really want to do anything with that. He was just happy knowing God was there... but if God is there that means we need to follow him and we can tap into so much happiness in life.

So last lesson we just got pretty bold... it was so cool to feel the spirit that strong. We just testified about the commandments and everything. It is so powerful to be able to say "I know that is true" and we know it is because God has answered our prayer

We could see the spirit working on him pretty hard,, he had a good time of silence and he finally said.. alright. when can I get baptized? haha!! so he is planning on getting baptised this coming week.. its going to be so cool!!

I had the lesson of being bold reconfirmed this week. This is a scripture I read this morning.

D&C 121:43-44..... dang good :)

 43 Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee to be his enemy;
 44 That he may know that thy faithfulness is stronger than the cords of death.

How are people going to know we know something if we don't stand for it?? if you know that Jesus Christ died for you and everyone then you better stand for it as much as you can..

Its like a little house :)

So here is a little picture I drew the other day... its rubbish but it works haha

So when we discover something we need embrace it, as soon as we have embraced it and seen the blessings ourselves then we will have so much power when we share it! its incredible how the Lord uses us as instruments to help other people.

Someone may be struggling really hard with a trial then one day just realize that God will help them so they when someone in their family has the same thing they can tell them how much God has helped them :)

I think that is so cool!! that means that each one of us is being fine tuned to strengthen our testimony so that we can help others strengthen theirs!!

"As soon as thou art converted strengthen thy brethren":)

I know these things are true!! everyone can find peace in the gospel of Christ. all we need to do is reach out and take his hand.

work on your testimony so that you can share it with others.

because that's why God gives them to us :)

love you guys!! have a great week!!

love Elder Wiser :)

This guy is Elder Allen..... sooooooo I saw him before a meeting and I said hello, and asked "are you one of the senior couples here?" It ends up that he has been on  the missionary board for like fifteen years haha how funny is that? but yeah he spoke for about and hour and it was absolutely brilliant :)

so this is Jodie! and her little son spencer. brother marshall is the member who baptised her :)

This is the suit I got! so I will be coming home with this one a blue one and the one American one I came out with. 

lunch with Ossie!

look at the huge truck! that's the first dodge ram that size I have seen since I have been here... I cant believe it was in Bulwell haha I saw a chevy Silverado one time but that's about as big as it gets.

This guy was so so so drunk.... we were going to help him get home but he was going to take the buss haha so he asked us to take some pictures of him and he took off his shirt..... so yeah ha it was funny!! I don't remember that in happening in Utah!!

stone soup...Ii remember the taste I'm sure you made it before mom.. do you remember that? I really like it!

another flower one

Found a bit flower patch! they use them for something but I have no idea what. Mom its your favourite colour!!

We were having a lesson in the park with Patrick and we invited these guys to sit with us haha!!! I think they had just smoked some weed but they sat with us and had a prayer so that's a little memory for them!! ha they said I look like Zack Ephron .. so I guess with a little bit of brain illusion I look like him :) that's good to know!

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