Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015

Hey family :)

what a good general conference!!

I felt so edified during this one.. I was so so tired during each session but as soon as the opening prayer was said.. I was on the edge of my seat till the closing.. I flippin loved it!! I cant wait to watch them again.

So I felt like a huge part of the messages given was about marriage and fatherhood....... trunky!! haha naw I'm just kidding. 
I really felt the resopsobility the a father has though. It made me think of Dad and Grandpa and some of the other father figures I have in my life.. parenthood is the most important calling we can have.. it effects so much.

Marriage is more than love. its a link to the generations.. its crazy how the woman you marry... will effect every single thing in your life...from everything!! if my wife likes to eat gluten free mac and cheese ill eat lots! you know? that's sorta dumb but its like the smallest thing I could think of. I'm excited to have a best friend that I can work with in helping others. my mission has helped me loads with communication and things like that.. what I know is that a family who is built on the gospel of Jesus Christ will be a successful one. The church is true and if you stick to following the holy ghost and example of Christ.. you can't go wrong.

So with my new found drive to get married and have a family in a few years I got like a confidence in talking to girls haha so I know I'm a missionary so I wasn't being dumb but there was this girl that just got back from her mission from temple square. She is so pretty.. but I was like what the heck she served an hour from my house.. so I went up to say hi..... haha I got smacked with like high school and how scary girls are haha so don't worry mom ill be at home till I'm 30 :)

ah man jokes jokes :)

I love this gospel so much though..

Elder Hollands story of the cliff.. I have felt Gods hands lift me from the ledge. Jesus Christ will stand by me forever all I have to do is choose to stand by him.

I am a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints
I know this is Christ's church and I'm going to work so others will know that as well.

love you guys!
have a great week.
love elder wiser

Dean finished his mini mission with us this week.. it was so good!! we saw loads of miracles :) he is the man!!

I sent you some photos from Alexs phone as well. They visited Nottingham yesterday. I love alex and Wei Wen so much!! the sun is shining here as well. its the best!

mom. I was thinking about it last night and I want to go to Utah state :) is that ok? Elder Smart and the boys said that they will call you and sort everything out.. but the thing is is that I have zero money.. ill be able to get a job for the times im not in school and stuff but Smart told me that Utah state was more expensive... so me personally I would love to go to Utah state. I prayed about it and I feel that God is leaving it to me. I'm going to let elder smart know that I'm in but when he calls you, if you think BYU I is better. lll do it :) I just want to go to school ha life isn't about always chillin with the homies.. I can make friends wherever I go.. Utah state... man I'm so excited!! your going to love these guys mom ha they are nuts.

thanks mom! sorry for how bad I suck.. I wish I could talk to you face to face.. we can in a month or so but yeah.. i'll check my email in the week when I'm with dean. if you have an email you want me to see just make an eye catching subject :) and not that tuffy died or something haha I wont be able to see the email because of tears.

love you!

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