Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

hello family! :)
so this week in lincoln was the most crazy week of missionary work of my whole life.... we have been so blessed.. we ran into loads of people that wanted to hear what we had to say and it was the best! i learned so many things... some from good things some from bad haha i say the dumbest things sometimes... but its all a learning experience :)
so stories this week.... ah man its hard to put my finger one just one....
well like i said we have been blessed so much.. there was a baptism in the district this week.. her name is Tian Tian.. she is a chinese student from the uni.. such an amazing person :) i love seening the blessings from the church of jesus christ enter peoples lives.. the craziest is when a month or so ago they didnt even know how to pray! so cool..
I  don't have loads of time but something to just give ya an idea of the stuff that happend we taught a ton of lessons this week! in cheltenham five or six was good! we found 8 new investigators and we have five on baptismal dates..... God is so good though..... life is good the church is true :)
i have just learned that being diligent is one of the biggest keys in missionary work... missionary WORK! also.. never let human fear stop you from doing something god wants you to..  live life without fear!
sorry this week is so short but i dont have loads of time.... im writing down stories to tell you guys and ill try to include some next time.. but i love you all! continue to have a fantastic week!
love elder wiser
P.S. ma i loved the pics this week! tell deana congrates for me :) the tuffy ones killed me haha i needed those.. even though the work is good and its the sickest.. its sorta stressful... positive stress though :) ahhhh yeah! oh im also learing some words in chinese because we teach so many chinese people haha its so much fun.... i wrote my name on a letter i sent home in chinese :)
i love you guys though!

this is my new district! we never see each other becuase we live far apart but they are all really nice :)

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