Monday, November 4, 2013

 Last district photo in Cheltenham
so i litterally walk past this everyday..... pretty much
 this is the cathedral right by our house :) its so weird to think i see these pics like oh those are cool.. and i walk past it every day haha

Ahh ma... this is the coolest email :) Gosh im glad you guys are doing so well... the gospel blesses lives!!! man i love hearing stories like that... you guys are amazing :) way to be!! you are missionarys!
I do wanna say thank you to you and grandma and grandpa though.. I cant tell you how much I love getting those packages :) the dried fruit was fantasic and I'm almost out already..... I'm sad about that and the candy. Grams snow flakes are beautiful :) I was so sad I didn't get those before I left cheltenham. So I'm going to send some back to the people that I love.. thanks Gram :) they are amazing!! and just thanks for everything.. the letter you sent elder palmer ( i ate his candy.. haha) i called him and read it to him and he was on cloud nine haha he is going to write you I think.. he probably wont remember but he loved it. That was pretty much the first bit of post he has gotten on his mission.. he mostly just emails :) those pass along cards are nice as well.. weird how they dont have anyone with Christs birth on it...... THANK YOU!!
So the new area.. I absolutly love it!! the people here are so nice we have tons of people we are teaching (they are all university students)  I love it here so much!!!! I really do. The ward is amazing and small and great things are going to happen here :) my goals are set so high this tranfer... and I know I will reach them :) we do work!!    oh and Lincoln is only one area away from being the farthest north... so its freezing! and it rains loads as well.. so that sucks but it is what it is..
oh also Amos Mcgreger.. however ya spell it.. he served in Boston which is the farthest north :) I'm going there on Wednesday so I'm going to try and track down some of the people he baptised there or something :) i'll send back pics!!
We set a Chinese investigator on a date yesterday and it was one of those very strong moments.. idk if anyone else was feeling it but I was feeling it, haha! it was sweet.. and the spirit totally guided what I was saying.. I still sounded like me but I just felt like I knew where I was going even though I didn't know... it was really cool and it happens a bunch :)
the flat is tiny though.. its the same size as the place we studied back in cheltneham..... so its so tiny... and we have to hang dry everything and we dont have a dishwasher, haha! So I guess I get to be a normal missionary now!! Cheltenham was just really nice I guess :)
i really do love it here though.. everyone is aweosme :)
here ill have Elder Higham say...
Hey there!  So I am Elder Higham, from Idaho Falls, Idaho.  I enjoy golfing the most, right behing being a missionary though!!  Lincoln is honestly my favorite place I have ever been in the UK.  My family has four other kids besides me.  I am so happy to be serving with Elder Wiser!! He is always so happy.  I really love that about him.  Anyway, have a good week!!  _Elder Higham
so there ya go! from the main man himself :) i think he want to shelly high school or shell high school or something.
with your packages.. hmmm i would say just still send em to the mission home.. unless there is only letters or something in them.. becuase they just put em by the door like they do at home.. its just people steal them here.. and we're normally not here when the post comes so it would be sittin there for a bit.. I would say just the mission home.. just because I know I would get it there. no matter how long it takes.... the zone leaders go to the mission home on the first tuesday of every transfer.. and sometimes randomly.. so they would be able to bring them then.. only problem is is they are an hour and a half away from us still.. so packages are something I wont see for ages.. but ill get stuff around christmas so no worries! :)
 I do need a few things though.. I got some gloves today.. just some little ones that will work for winter.. and I had a list but I cant remember now...
so this is really choppy :) ill try to do one that is more organized.. 
ma i love you :) thanks for all you do!!
have a good week
elder wiser

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