Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey ma!! so i got sent to a new area.. i was just getting on to let ya know! I'm in a place called Lincoln.. its almost as far north as you can go in the mission.. so I'm in the middle of nowhere. but it does have a huge city and a school and stuff.. my new comp is elder Higham. He is from idaho falls idaho. he has been out for seven and a half months and it a complete stud! He went district leader after three transfers and has stayed since then.. I was sad to leave cheltenham but from what i have seen Lincoln is really cool :) well i gotta go but i love you guys! thanks so much for the packages!! tell gram those stars are amazing! i wish i was able to have those back in cheltenham because i had some people i really wanted to give them to.. so I'm going to send some to elder palmer for him to give to some people.. the dried fruit was amazing as well :) i really really love you guys!!! oh and with emailing I'll probably only have 2 hours.. were in an apple store right now so we don't have long.... oh and elder mcgreger served in boston.. which is the farthest north you can go.. we're the second farthest north you can go! so i gotta get some gloves and stuff..  ah fun stuff :) 
love you!
love elder wiser

our address is 

46 deansleigh 

soooo that is my flat! its tiny haha ah bless

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