Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

this one is with suzy.. her family is so cool!! so one day i asked what she thought about mustashes because i used to have one ha so she drew one on my face :) then everyone did it was pretty fun.. 

soo! this right here is a medium chips... and it is very large. it costs one pound fifty. they are really good but i try not to eat them that much.. :)

Just got an email from Sterling - He wasn't able to email on Monday but got permission to send a little note right before District meeting - so here you go! -Thank you all for supporting him so much.

Hello family!! man it was so good to hear from you all this week. I love hearing about the fun you guys are having :) man I love you guys!
so this week... hmmmm oh man, funny im from utah moment... sooo we found this rootbeer that is really cheap. its called bunderburg i thnk and its from australia.  some ppl told us it was good so we decided to try it.. so on our way to buy it the lady asked for my I.D... i was thinkin wow thats weird.. but i didnt think anything of it.. till i got outside hahaha so apperently this rootbeer has less that .5 alchohol in it! so we tossed it but how funny is that... i havent ever had my id checked ha so i guess im really sheltered :) yay
ah man so this week was a true england week.. it rained soo much.. we had one storm where i felt like i was swimming.. i havent ever been that soaked in a rain storm... we were on our way to a dinner appointment after a teaching apt when it hit... whoo england rain is so thick.
 this week has been really really good.. phil our investigator on a date is doing so good and is so happy :) man i love it!! we have his baptismal date coming up soon and he is so ready! just the final home stretch.  its sorta hard to explain in words but this week i have had some lessons where the spirit was so strong.. the people we were teaching were involved there was no distractions and it was so good.

the most crazy part though is transfers is next week.. i cant beleive how fast it went.. and i have almost been out for five months.. man life is moving so fast. so i just try to hang on to it and squeeze as much work in there as i can :)
this week there was something i really focoused on.. and that is loving people.. i love helping people and i love loving! ha but as a missionary i noticed i sorta started going through the motions a little bit.. so this week i really focoused and thought of ways to make myself better at loving. everyone needs a friend and everyone needs to feel loved. so that is what im going to try to do is to make people feel my love for them.
church is the best! keep it up and you will be blessed.
i love you all!
love elder wiser..

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