Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28th, 2013

Hellloooo family :)
Another great week in cheltenham!

So, interesting things that are happening... we learn who is getting moved tonight.. I have a feeling that I am getting moved.. but we all have no idea so it is what it is.. I wanna stay because this is my home but anywhere God sends me is home :) I think im ready for some change as well.. just to see how I handel it :)
We did some good work this week.. but right in the middle of the week Elder Palmer got a weird strain of the flu or something.. so he was pretty much dying for a couple days.. we had to stay in the flat becuase he was really contagious so I put dads church videos to good use. haha that and wrote a few letters :) I also got to study a lot,.. one crazy thing is how I have read the book of mormon a few times..and im reading it now and there are so many good scriptures that I just read over!! so I have been marking and learning like crazy.. its been a really good experience... go book of mormon!
We did have one thing that was funny happen.. so we were talking to this lady named Zhen from china (pronounced like jen) and out of the corner of my eye I see this car getting really close... when I noticed this huge puddle right in his path.. so he continued to get closer till he hits it and completely soaks Elder Palmer and I... I managed to save the lady from most of the water.. ah man it was funny but I was soaked for the next few hours.  It looked like it was on purpose, but thats ok :) its a good story! haha and ya Elder Palmer got wrecked... I feel pretty bad at the moment so I think I'm getting the same thing..I just gotta wait for it to kick in.. os i'll keep eatin fruit and laughing!! that is the best medicine we have :)

About the busses and outdoor markets. The busses pretty much look like the normal ones at home butttt they have the big red double deckers :) I have ridden in them many a times! they are really cool :) have you ever google mapped cheltenham?  They give you a pretty cool view.  The out door markets just look like the ones in like dominica? remember those? I should take more pictures  but I don't always take my camera ha sorry ma.. its just a bunch of dirty farmers selling their stuff for cheap :) its the best!

The work was a little slow because of the illness going around but I feel like I strengthened my testimony and I feel like I used the time well.. Elder Palmer is all better now so life is good!!!
but I love you all and have a good week!
the church is true!!
elder wiser

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