Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

elder turney! he is a missionary out of redding :) he is one of the boys :)

this is the pond where over six hundred ppl were baptised,,, crazy right......

sister reidhead and I get to chill quite a bit :) she is so cool!! were pretty good buddies.

hello family!!
first thing I would like to make an announcement.... as of yesterday I have officially been out for four months.. and that is a long time!

so this week in cheltenham.... the work has been pretty much the same but there is some cool stories I would like to share... so first one is about the trip to the Glendfeild Elm Chapel
which was a chapel founded by the early saints in England :) Wilford Woodruff.. did a lot of preaching there and as a result six hundred ppl were baptised in a small pond not to far away... tons of the ppl who came to america from england are the reason we have the gospel today :) so thats really cool! it was really spiritual and i learned a lot.. it was also really good being able to talk to some of my friends i have made :) i love talking to people!! its the best :)
oh i have a miricle! sooooo the other day we were coming home from a mission activity.. we had just gotten off the train and were cycling home when i heard a snap and some grinding........ so i pulled over looked at what needed to be done threw my bike on my shoulder and started to finish the few miles till i got home... so one of my mission mottos is everything happens for a reason... thats the second one behind there is something positive in everything that happens.. so i was thinking about that when i started to talk to this guy... we talked for about ten min just walking along and it truns out he is studying religion! so i talked about what we are doing in england and he said he wanted to learn more!! so it was like god broke my tire so i could talk to this guy :) pretty cool huh? and when i got home i had the tools to fix what was broken and now my bike is all better.... everything happens for a reason :)
miricles happen everyday!
this week was really good and im still learning sooo much :) i love the mission!!
love you all :)
elder wiser

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