Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014

Hey there family! Man I love hearing from you guys on Mondays!! It makes my week. I put alot of coments on all the individual pictures but I'm glad you guys are going good.. Dad,  good luck fishing! and stant good job cutting off your mullet.... I remember how hard that was.. don't get me started on my stash, haha
Man fathers day.... :) I wish we could call then to!! I would totally be fine.. I feel like working harder after talking to you guys.. it helps me remember what the gospel does in peoples lives... so I dig it!! I only have two more phone calls left!! I'm going to be home so fast.... it freaks me out.. its going to be good, but for how fast this year has gone and how at the beginning I felt like I was never going home.. it gets more real every day..
Anyway good to hear about dads leg :) ha I bet he had some good conversations with the people on the block.. man I love our block.. people are so friendly!!
Things are going to be busy for you, haha! Man it makes time go fast huh? I did want to ask.. how did those wonder berries turn out? and a tiger tomato.... you know, I actually like tomatos I think... they are so juicy and crunchy.. yum yum.. is the garden looking ok? our house is going to be soooo huge when I get back... most peoples houses aren't as big as our garage out back.. its insane.. I have gotten good at hand dishes though :) 
Mom... I love ya! I have some thoughts for today and I have a bunch more to look at, so ill keep filling you in :)
have a great day!
elder wiser

Man it was a great week!! so I have a few cool moments..
A few weeks ago Elder Maligon and I had a walk in lesson with a former, it was so cool! not becasue we were able to teach a lesson but because it was our first teaching appt together.. so we hadn't ever taught besides role plays... anyway it went really well and at the end we asked him to read a chapter and pray to know which way God wants him to go.. and I was looking for a chapter.. and I flipped open to Alma thirty two.. book marked it and gave it to him.. after the lesson Elder M asked what chapter I had chosen..and I told him and he started to snap his fingers and said "ohh by the spirit!!" he said if he had the Book of Mormon he would have chosen that as well :) cool huh?
All I gotta say is that Elder Maligon is a complete champion missoinary.. it has been so good being able to serve with him.. I hope we get to stay for two transfers. which means I will probably get moved :( dang it!!
This week I thought alot about how God is always there for us and only ppl can choose how close we are to Him...
Some scriptures I read in the last few days talk about the people not believing and because they didn't believe, they couldn't understand the scriptuers... I thought that was interesting... having faith is so important.
The other ones I really liked were in alma 5.. verses 26,27.  They are really good ones but the ones that I thought of were 37 and 49..
The bottom half of 37 talks about the Saviour calling after us then and is still callling after us now..
then this picture..

It talks about the picture of the Saviour knocking at the door.. one of this athours' friends thought he messed up and told him he missed the door handle on the outside.. well it wasn't a mistake the author said "we must open to the light, the handle is on the inside."
That is so true!!! I know that the Saviour is always there for us.. all we have to do to know that for ourselves is to listen to his words and to follow his voice.
the church is true!!
love you all :) have a great week
elder wiser

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