Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Family!!! Hello :) as the English and welsh say..... you doin alright? ha! it freaked me out at the beginning of the mish because thats what I used to get asked when I looked gulty :) but it is easier :) we shorten it down to like yu alrig,, so its more like a grunt.. but it is what it is!!
So I got my hair cut.... oh my goodness!! ha! the dude miss heard me and shaved the sides of my head to .5!! so my head is balder then it ever has been. haha! ill try and send a pic when I'm at the chapel later... ah man the ward gave me so much crap :)

So we have had some really cool meetings lately! I learned something that I have learned many times but this week I want to talk about it..
listening with the spirit!
So we really focus on teaching with the spirit as missionarys and members but maybe its becasue I wasnt "listening" but I don't remember there being a lot of talk about the congeration preparing.. so I have some qottes and stuff!
I cant find the whole thing and I dont have time to type it but the ending of the quote by Boyd K Packer says "What you shall gain will not depend so much on their preperation of the message as upon your preperation for them"
Some of the quotes Dad send from conference were "If we teach by the spirit, and you listen by the spirit, someone of us will touch on your circumstanves, sending you a personal prophetic epistle just to you" Jeffery R Holland
"I promise you if you will listen you will feel the spirit well up within you.  The Lord will tell you what he wants you to do in your life. in conference we can recieve the word of the Lord meant just for us" Deieter F. Uchtdorf
I love this!! I really tried to listen with the spirit over the last few weeks.. things went to much better! sometimes if we are being honest... meetings can sorta drag or be boring... I know I probably shouldnt say that but it happens... but there is always something we can learn no matter what.. and if we listne with the spirit we will learn what we are supposed to :) thats why we have speakers every sunday and conference!
So some scriptures..
D&C 88:63 and Mosiah 2:41
so true!!
being a missionary is the best!
have a great week :)
love you!
elder wiser

this is sister davis!! we were in the lincoln district together.. she is going home soon!

ok... so look how short that is!!!! it looks a bit better in from the front haha

elder maligon died in the background... haha

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