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June 30, 2014

Hey family :)
 man what a crazy week it has been..
so I learned last night that Im getting moved to the outer darkness of the mission!! haha Im kidding Im going to a place called Merthyr Tydfil ithink is how you spell it... I have litterally served on both sides of this mission now ha.. man that is going to be great.. I think Im going to serve with Elder Mcfarlands boy as well.. his name is Elder Peak but I dont know for sure yet.. crazy!! Elder Downey was telling me about it and it sounds like a good place :)
so story of the week!!!
First thing.. we had a ward open day :) we hada bouncy castle and a bbq and chapel tours.. it went so good!! and we had a bunch of people come and see.. it was so good for people to come to something and be interested.. we had a lady the ward invited that hasn't been to church in 20 years that came... she said right after they invited her to the open day she dug in her boxes till she found her scriptures and started to read an pray just like she had been taught 20 years ago.. ah man I wanted to hug her!!! we have an appointment with her on Thursday.. man miricle huh? God is so good.
So we were passing out flyers in town.. which was crazy I love town becasue you would never get bored talking to people in there.. so many different people.. something so cool happend though. so this little lady was driving by on a schooter.. so I offered her a leaflet and talked with her about family history and stuff.. she said thanks and as she was going I threw out a dumb joke telling her to drive safe with all the crazy drivers in Newport.. it wasnt very funny but she smiled :) but after about ten min I was talking to someone else and this woman drove up and said "here take these, it's really hot out today and you are working really hard" she had gone and bought two liters of water for me and Elder Maligon... I felt so grateful.. I was honestly sorta speachelss... I just expressed my thanks and she drove away... but man that had such an impact on me. I didn't know that woman but she went out of her way to get some water for us. that was such a blessing.
random act of kindness :) I hope she is so blessed for doing that.... but here is a little poem from this cool little book
Giving is Living
"Go spread, to the Needy, sweet Charitys bread, for giving is living, the angel said;
O must I be giving again and again?
My peevish and willful answer ran,
oh no, said the angel, and her eyes pierced me through- 
just give till the master stops giving to you"
I really liked that. This lady may have thought what she had done would mean nothing.. but I'm sharing it with you and it inspired me to be better and help people in need more.
"as you have done it unto the least of these my brethern, ye have done it unto me"
Matthew 25:14
nobody will ever feel bad about doing something nice :) give a random act of service to someone!
This is Elder Maligon! below
I'm grateful to see lately the true joy of simple acts of kindness. Making somebody happy at the beginning of their day by making them smile, laugh, or even serving them in a way that I will not seek for recognition from those opportunities. That is when true Christianity is being put into test, "Am I going show kindness even if my efforts will not be recognized?". It is true that it is saddening to see that the world's standards are drifting away from the Lord's standards, but we can still make a difference. Our simple act of kindness could be something that we will forget after the day, but it also could be something that the recipient will always remember. President Monson's talk about love led me to learn about this poem that says,

I have wept in the night
For the shortness of sight
That somebody's need made me blind;
But I never have yet
Felt a tinge of regret
For being a little too kind

Everyday, it has always been good to feel that at the end the day I made somebody feel loved, befriended, or comforted. It might not be in a complicated way, but those simple things are the things that matter most.
-Elder Maligon.
thank you guys for all you do :) I love you so much!! have the best week
from Elder Wiser and Elder Maligon
#comp unity 

I gave a pass along card and some skittles to an elephant - haha 

This is during call-ins, it was fun..

So this is a suit a bought today for 8 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super sale. I waited for four months for this..

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