Tuesday, July 15, 2014

mama bear!!!! hey there :)

Here is my new address:

Elder Sterling Wiser
21 wichfwr
merthyr tydfil
CF48 1RD

ma i got the package!! :) thanks so much  :) the candy is so good!! man i miss american stuff so bad... i know its not quite my birthday but i had to steal a few!! haha those mormon messages are going to serve me well... me and whenever I use them. whether in district meeting or at a dinner apt... I'm gonig to use them loads!! thanks so much mom :) good thing there were contacts in this one though :) the others ones were so beat hah one had a chunk out of it but we kept playing sport so i couldnt rock the shades. I'm saving the letters for the 26th.. and some desert :)
love you!!!

Sorry i have been terrible at writing letters lately.... our flat is huge and takes up keep so I have been working on that in spare time.. saying its huge its smaller than the shed in our back yard haha but its way huge considering where I have lived before.

so on saturday a former investogator texted us and asked to come to church.. so of course we sorted out a lift and everything for her... she is from nigeria and has a penticosle background she was sitting across the chapel from us. 

so I got to introduce myself this week.. and it was fast sunday so I went up first :) as I closed I started to walk back down the stairs to someone clapping..... so I knew who it was haha anyway for the rest of the meeting she clapped for everyone that stood up :) the crown jewel though was when she stood up and bore her testimony... the first thing she said is when I say praise the lord. you say hallaluja. praise the lord! then like six members said hallaluja... oh I cant hear your brothers and sisters praise the lord! more this time.. hallaluja.... she actually has a legit testimony  :) she sang a song about Christ and closed.... man I was so embarrassed.... I felt bad that it had sorta disrupted the meeting... but it was what she was used to. she kept asking where our drums were and why she was the only one clappping after the meeting... :) she asked loads of questions for the rest of the day .. she said that her pasters had told her that the mormons were a seceret cult but from what she saw we were devout Christians... she was actually really interested and will probably come next week :) she is such a great lady..

other than that work wise we had someone media refer himself.. he is so solid!! he has been calling us and asking about the book of mormon reading he has been doing and is going to church in a different ward all by himself.. he visits his mom on sundays so he goes to church there.. he is so solid!! our area is starting to lift :) we just have to keep choosing the right and working hard..

life is good!!

so a scripture I love!!! its alma 37: 40&41

if we have faith and are good boys and girls we will be guided by the spirit.

love you guys loads!!

have the best week

love elder wiser

sorry i didnt give you loads to work with ma.... merthyr is great but things are going really slow with the work.. we have been workingwith them members a lot and they are great!! i love them but things will start to pick up soon....

love you!

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