Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th, 2014

hey guys!

i was thinking about what to send to you guys this week and when i was on exchange with the elder steel a zone leader :) 

he shared a scripture with me that i wanted to share with you.

2 nephi 20:15

it helped me realize why im out here better :) he told me it was one of his favorite scriptures and we talked about it for a while.

everything we do is to glorify god. we make him proud when we do what he asks. no matter what anyone says if we do what is right we will know he loves us :)

i know this is short but thats a scripture i thought was sweet!

we got flogged so much this week.. but we have a new investo!! his name is gerint (i think is how you spell it).. nice guy and willing to learn so we will see how it goes :) we have been getting to know the members super well though. we litterally have dinner every single night. its awesome!! and there is some members here that know what gluten is! on saturday a family named the jones had us over at seven in the morning and we had breakfast! it was sweet! thanks so much for all the letters ma :) tell the famlily as well.. i saved those and some sweeties for saturday :) it was great! and now I'm twenty haha

sorry! this week was a bit uneventful.. but there is going to be miricles this week!! oh man i have spoken in church a bunch and prepared the 45 min lessons over the last few months.. I love preparing lessons!! its super fun. I have found out all about confidence... like I get asked to lead music sometimes and I have no idea how to do it but you just act like you know whats going on and it seems to go alright haha church is so good! I love the gospel :)

make sure to have the best week guys :)
love you!
elder wiser

P.S. So this dude named ryan said one of his friends was in palmyra and talked to dad and said to say hi from dad haha he remembered it for three weeks! thats pretty cool huh? the kid is a stud. its a small world!

bridge to hogwarts!!

elder peek and i got covered in mud!! whooo

I finally retired them!! I was so sad! I loved those shoes... but I have the boots and the settles - still they will last me to the end :)   The second pair I have only wore like ten or so times so they are brand new :) still have the store shine :) those Ecco shoes are my favorite though.... they lasted for so long I'm going to get the same pair when I get back home because I love them so much... it was honestly hard to get rid of them.

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