Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014

Mom!!!!!!!!! President just called... I'm traning......... ah man!!!!!!!!!!!!! flip well thats new..
Man it was  good to hear about girls camp though :) I miss high adventure and stuff I had so much fun at those... shelb is sorta getting old!
This week our bikes got stolen!!!! how sucky is that? I'm glad mine was just a Frankenstein bike and didn't cost me anything but now I have to get a new one.....
We did have a family tell us a story about Living Scriptures.. they picked some up from the states and one time the kids were picking on each other and one of them stood up on a table and said 'touch me not! for i am filled with the spirit of God!' haha just like nephi.. ah man i was rollin :)
Thanks for your prayers ma :) we actually found new people to teach! its been better this week...keep sending them....well I gotta go.. becasue we have to go walk for a year to get home

Mom.... I love you! sorry about the blog this week.. I'm the worst but I will have pleanty of pics and stuff to tell you next week... greenie faith!!! yeah! :)
love ya so much!
elder wiser

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