Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hey guys!! I have just a short thought to send this week.. I have been thinking a lot about how God puts people in our path.. becasue of course as missionarys we are always praying to have people put in our path... well I came across this quote

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"

 My whole life people and players have come up to me and said, ‘You’re lucky. You’ve had a lot of opportunities come your way, and you’re really lucky to be doing what you’re doing and what you love to do.’ Well, there’s a saying that says, ‘Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.’ You have opportunities every day, and if you’re not prepared for them, they’re just going to pass you by.” Wally Joyner (MLB All-Star)
No matter who we are, if we are prepared, God will put opportunities in our path. be worthy. be ready to serve. and do it!!

God calls those he knows is ready.. even if you may not believe it.. he knows better then us!

We have been able to spend some time with the Jones family, they are so good to the missionaries :) I love them! it was Gabbes birthday so we went over and ate with them. shared a spiritual thought and left..  they are a perfect example of how the gospel can affect families. solid!

Elder Palu and I work pretty good together :) he spent a lot of time with the missionarys before he came out so he knows and can teach all the lessons.. the problem is doing it in english... he is still translating in his head from tongan to english.  So we just chat all day and he is getting really good :) he studies so hard.. In the MTC he was getting really frustrated becasue he couldn't teach in English that well... so when everyone would go to sleep he would go out in the hall to study.... he is such a blessing! whenever I say "ok lets go tract for a few hours or something" he just says "anything.. I will do anything." so willing to serve and so nice... tongans are really generous as well... we always just say whats mine is yours whats yours in mine... ah man im going to gain so much weight.... he is like ah man I'm feeling hungry! and throws in three ramen noodle packs and like 20 sasages for a snack, haha ah man I love this guy! I started working out again from getting hit and I feel great. 

On the first day here in Merthyr we were walking his luggage to our flat and this drunk dude started to yell the f word as us... I have gotten used to it because there are pubs everywhere but Elder Palu looked so horrified.. I felt terrible. I wanted to like sheild him from the world. He said nobody does that in Tonga... people are nice there :(... so that was a warm welcome! but other than that we have been working so hard :) we are going to walk our feet off.. we have five return apts for tomorrow and a bunch for the week so things are going well.

sounds like your trip was a complete success!! Deanas hair looks good :) you all looks so happy!! I prayed so hard that you guys wouldn't have any problems on the way back.... planes are sketch.. but ya made it and all is well :)

i love you guys loads :) have a good week!

this is when i first met Elder Palu, He is from Tonga. The other elder is tukuafu, he went to high school with elder palu!

this is on his first day :) that jacket is a large haha the one i wore that makes me look tiny..

this is my boy!!!! my litteral son haha 

ah man things have been so good.. he came out ready to work hard so we have been working our guts out... i love it!! his hand is as big as my face.

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