Friday, August 29, 2014

August 25, 2014

hey mom!! things are going great :) i have a little bad news though... elder palu... his first few days we worked a bit to hard and he has strained his feet and isnt allowed to walk much for the next three weeks...... three weeks!!!!! we taught more lessons this last week then this area has seen for a long time.. so thats a bit sad but we are hoping that we can make something work so we can still get around and heal him up :)

man i hate getting the ball rolling and then feeling like we have to start from scratch again... but maybe we are supposed to meet someone on a route we wouldnt normally take or something..

how is school going? its nuts Shelb is in high school.... man its going to be weird getting back.. I'm getting to the point where I'm getting nervous about it.. I would be comfortable staying here for a long time.. since we have to stay in the apartment and cant really leave anywhere I have been watching conference and reading the scriptures a lot... and before I get back I'm going to set myself a member missionary vision... things I wanna do, pray for and stuff... being a missionary really is the most fulfilling work anyone could ever do. and I wanna continue one for when I get back :)

ah man.. I picked out a missionary that I think dad was just like.. his name is elder grouhui.. he is german.. one of the hardest working missionaries I have ever met... I never saw a pair of shoes on him that looked new and shiney.. he worked so hard for his whole two years.. but whenever I would just talk to him he was hilarious :) his memory of movies and music was fantastic and he was someone I liked being around.. I wanted to serve with him so bad but he went home last transfer.. I want to be a missionary like that 

So I had something I wanted to share but I'm out of time... there was a bunch of emialing to do today. I have some pictures.

the thought was on a talk called "Help Them Aim High" by president Henery B Eyring

I loved the scripture Isaiah 40 29-31... true that :)

so the new people are elder palu and omakaru. he is irish! he grew up in what sounded like the ninth distirct.... so i may have heard him wrong but it was cool anyway!

thats the harry potter bridge... cool picture eh?
that is elder omakaru

well i love you guys loads :) i hope ya have a good week. be safe.

this is a fire in the rain ha good old wales :) we wanted to get rid of some stuff so we burned it. it was fun!! i felt like a missionary serving in England in this one ha

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