Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hey family!! man I gotta be speedy becuse we are going to cardiff but some really cool things have happend..

so the other day we were in tesco and a lady asked about my badge.. so after a bit of a chat and some lame jokes im always good at i gave her our number. she called two days later leaving a message about how it had been an answer to her prayers! she had been praying weather or not to go to the mormon church and if she should then she should meet some mormons.. and she "bumped" into us :) we are going to teach her this week. her name is lynn.

there was this other dude.. his name is adam i think.. but elder palu and i were playing some sport and since i became a really small human a few weeks haha i got pushed into a wall by one of the elders..and smashed the phone. so we had to buy a new one and the guy who served us said its weird not having missionary that dont recognize me.. he had a hard time coming to church when he was being taught bofore because of distance but he lives right next to the church now!! and i got smashed so we could meet him :) everything happens for a reason.

the members here are really getting excited about missionary work as well.. we have had a few less actives and members come to church... we have been so blessed. everyone that we have been able to speak to god has prepared... it just shows how much god loves all of his children.

funny story this week... elder palu crashed on his bike..... its terrible that i laughed so hard but he was being a goof and passed me in a high gear so he was pedaling really fast.. in the middle of the road... so a car was behind him and he beeped at elder palu.. it scared him and he swerved and hit the curb and belly flopped on the pavement hahaha ah my goodness im laughing right now!. i laughed for a half hour when it happend.. im the worst compannion ever. he just has a few scratches and tore his cloths but we are all good :) it was right next to the chapel so we cleaned him up and all is well.

things are great though.. the church is true :) people are prepared all over the world. throw a little bit of doctrine and covenants 4 in there.

i love you guys!
elder wiser

oh man i met a bunch of american from layton yesterday :) :) they were on tour. it miss your accent so bad.. i wanted to hug them all ha i gave some of them your number and some pictures so you might be getting some in the next few weeks. haha i loved it so much.... all of the americans are all the people in pants :) thats what one lady said haha ah man makes  me laugh.. pants are underwear over here so all the english people had a laugh.. i love americans they are so friendly. i ffelt like i was best friends with them and i only spoke to them for like five min.

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