Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hey :) things here have been great! we had a good week. man we
just had district p-day and we played indoor hockey, basket ball, and
pingpong. It was aweosme! I'm really tired. and... some bad news I lost
today for the first time in my mission life, in ping pong... I won like
five games then lost.... so I cant say I'm undeafeated anymore. noooooo!!!
but thats ok :)

Thats really cool with the temple! I will have to go there when I get
back. It's nuts that was still getting put together when I was home.
Time has a flown by! 

How is shelb liking highschool? you said she has quite a bit of work
but is she liking it? I don't remember hearing if she is doing sbo or
not... any extra corricular activities? I am starting to tell shelb
looks older.. it's good Stant is there to fight all the dudes off ha
only the prophets grandson :)

So this week was really good actually.. my goal was to learn how to
plan... so we got slammed with stuff to do. and most of it was time
comsuming so I'm a little better at planning! I think. yes! there was
loads of ward activities and stuff going on. I really feel like this
ward has come alive with missionary work. It's so good.

We finally saw Robert a few days ago. He had just gotten back from
holiday. We are seeing him tonight! It's going to be great. Elder Palu
and I have been trying to learn to scriprturs really well so we can
answer peoples quiestions using the standerd works. It's actually
pretty easy when you can just ask each other all day what this one is
or that one. sorta like learning a language I think.

We did loads of service this week as well.. Elder Palu and I wrestled!
I still got it :) I have gotten so much worse though.. I'm going to
have to hit stant with a stick a few times before we wrestle so I have
an even chance ha! what is his weight now?

Where are some places close to here Jay Lighthall and brother Call served? I could
be looking for people they taught. or sister albrechtson?

This week is transfers... it would be way weird if I moved, I'm not
planning on it at all but it is possible.. I hope not though becasue I
feel like things are really on the climb.. oh man which reminds me.. I
street contacted this girl in Newport and her family got baptised! how cool is
that? Elder Maligon got to teach a family!!! ahh man I'm so jelous I
want ot teach a family on my misison..

man I'm way tired... I have to get going soon actually. we have a
dinner apt and then we are teaching Robert. Things are great! I love
this ward and this area.

and I love you :)
have a great week!!
Elder Wiser
we had Redd, a member, come with us for service.. after we made him
dinner! we cooked a chicken on the fire. it was way fun... the chicken
didnt cook all the way though so I didn't eat it. Everyone else ate it and didn't
get sick!

this is at zone conference!! i gotta see the Newport team :) we just
laughed the whole time. I loved it :)

my teeth! so the guy here was pretty good but he missed a spot so it
still hurts and I can still only use half of my mouth... so I have to
get it fixed...... ahhh man I hate medical stuff it takes so much
time.... but I thought it would be cool for you to see my holowed out

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