Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 15, 2014

moooooommmmmmm!! hey :) in this country they spell it mum.. and they
say it like that, ha I like mom :)

We had a really good week!! Elder Palu's feet are doing great. We
actually walked around many many miles in his frist week.. and it
pulled the ligament in his foot.. so he was told not to walk for a
month... we still did though and he has been blessed.. its healing and
we are still walking :) the bikes as well we have been cycling loads.
I have two huge locks..  the houses here are to small to bring them
inside with us... everything here is so small and close.. ah man.. but I'm keeping
my eye on them. :)

Nine months left!! ya! its so weird.... I'm going to be home soon ha.. I dont
know if I wanna come home. ha! Can I just be a missioanry and you guys
come live here?  I love being a missionary.. 

***Note from laura (Sterling ran into a group traveling from Layton Utah.  When they found out he was from Pleasant view they offered to give his Mom a call.  So I got a call from a sweet sister telling me how wonderful my son was, how happy he looked, and that he was a great missionary.  here are the pictures she sent me.  The one of him writing is when he was writing down my number to give to her).

***Back to Sterling

its cool those guys sent you those picturs.. it was so good to see them.. I wanted to hug
them all. I miss how Americans speak so bad.... I dont even talk like
that anymore... ah man.... good news though I'm not actually trunky :)
I miss home sometimes but I really have gotten used to it here.

Its nuts thinking sis is home.... ah man I'm really nervous to come
back... I still have so much to learn. What you were saying about our
missions is true, that we are called to a people and a mission president..... this mission I feel like I came to learn how to
be obidient.. sometiems baptisms follow, sometimes they don't.. the
tough part is you can work really hard and have nothing happen and you
can do nothing and have nothing happen ha.. I think thats why so many
people that serve here have become apostles, beause you have to keep
going even if nothing happens.... I have honestly had transfers where
we work our guts out and nothing happens you just gotta learn about
how to do what God wants no matter what :)

Shelb is old, I Can't believe she is driving!! ha and Stant is a senior in high school.. that is so
weird.. at the end of this school year i'll be home and he will already
have his call.. man I hope we are still as good of friends after he
serves as we were before... I won't really see him for 4 years.... man
that sucks. I love that kid.. I cant wait to wrestle him though. it's
going to be hard because I have gotten used to the thick air here and
haven't properly done it for two years..... but i'll still win :)

We do have a few cool stories though :) we have a few more people to
teach!!! so first thing.... we have been playing touch rugby with a
bunch of kids that live around gellideg (gethlideg) and we invited
them to youth and nine came!!!! nine!! it was great :) and they are
planning on coming again next week. it's good to have a full team to
play with.

A cool thing though so we were taking the bus to aberdare and there
was these kids that were laughing at us.. I say kids but they are
probably 18.. soooo my age ha so men and women :) but they started to
point so I was being a little cheeky and asked if they wanted a
autograph. So turns out they weren't making fun of us they were
actually excited to see us. They had seen the book of mormon musical
and had never seen missionarys before. So the bus ride is about 45 min
long and we talked the whole way. they asked questions about what we
do and I taught a chunk of the restoration. About half way through
some other people started to listen and I ended up giving a little
sermon with like four people. haha! when I read Eric Stakebakes emails
and he says he stands up and talks to a whole bus.. that is really
cool... I kinda want to try it but I think this is as close as I will
get. ha! we have a return apt with them this week and its going to be
sweet!! she wanted to send a snapchat to her friends so I pulled out
the book of mormon and we all held one and took some picutres :) I
love it when people ask questions!!!

we also had a meeting about training... so they serperate trainers and
trainees and we learn different stuff. it was a great meeting.
president talked about applying what we study.. if we do that there
will be constint improvement... and thats what we should be trying to
do :)

Oh man as well... elder palu is going to coach a rugby team! that or
just do some training... we are getting it cleared right now but he
will be put in the paper and stuff so it will help with visibility.

Elder palu is a stud by the way... I'm honestly not even training... he
is such a good missionary.. He is a great teacher and really knows how
to follow the spirit. The best is how he just goes for everything...
talking to somone. he never was scared or anything :) fear God more
then man ha the man!!

So the other day I caught a huge spider during lunch and Elder Palu
just tipped the container over and put it on his face. haha! so I'm glad
he didnt see me with a huge stick and bowl to capture it haha I have a
picture i'll put it on :)

Well this transfer is almost over! Its gone really fast... flip!! with
everyone going home I gotta make time go slower haha everyone is
leaving home or married now a days... I'm glad you only work half days
ma so we can still chill ha and tuff as well :) is she still alive? oh
flip.... tuffyyyyyy!!!!

Man we had some other cool stuff happen but its just potential stuff
right now... this week there will be stuff :)

Well I really love you guys!! have a great week :)

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