Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

things are going so good.. we have been working hard but not a lot has been happening... so its been one of a self reflecting week.. ha but those are good!! things have been good though :) sounds like stuff is going to be pretty good
 I love the devotional talks!! :) I listen to them all the time I have been liking them a lot.. thanks so much for that.its been great!! they are prefect for lunch and stuff.
man everyone was scattered a lot this week.. im glad everyone is safe though, thats what I worry about the most.. glad your teeth are ok as well haha it didnt look bad. tooth stuff is the worst.. it sucks being out here and having no idea what to do with that.. I have got to get an apt  soon because they are gettin pretty bad.... so I will keep you posted on that I might just have to call you someday and tell you about it... but I have a bunch a stuff I have to do tyo clear that so ill get her all sorted out :)

tell Shelby & Stant I love them!!! I'm glad Stanton is recovering though... I'm going to have to start working out again... after that car hit me my body wasnt 100 percent so I got fat again haha... I hate it!! so this week im going to try and build what I lost
shay only has 6 weeks left.. ah man that is nuts.. time really is going super fast.. its going to be way weird when she gets back and in rollin solo in the feild... ah man!! thats nuts ha shayna really is the perfect missionary.. she is an incredible person :) I have to be better at writing her.
is there anything i can do for ya ma? I'm going to have to get back into a routine I havent even unpacked yet because we dont have anywhere to put stuff haha.. I left my camera home  today as well!!! we had a super cool activity this week with the high preists... we went mountain biking!! I cant wait to send you pictures.. its the best biking place in wales its said...
ha my birthday hasnt even registered yet!!! when I turn twenty.... it seems like something will hapen to me like ill just feel old or something haha is there anything I should worry about? my facial hair has really improved.. I have to shave every day or I have a mini beard.. its going to be fun to see how it looks when I get home :) 
thanks mom :) I love knowing you guys love and support me it makes everything better!!
I love you so much :) thank you for everything!
love elder wiser

I love you!

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