Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 20

mama bear!! hey hey, good to hear from ya :) sounds like you have had a crazy week.. our family is nuts- ha, dads here, your over there, stant at EFY, shelb doin her thing.. wow busy busy :) that sounds intense!! ah man well the bishopric.. wow :) thats crazy i keep trying to invision bishop steve and its sorta hard because he has been with the priests for so long, but he is going to make a great bishop!! he is really a loving and good man.. thats really cool :) along with the other guys! all champs. hmmm.... well the  baptism.. ah mom it was nuts i dont know how to explain it really but it was just cool.. i was  actually really nervous like three days before but i toughened up :) thats what I'm here to do! is baptize ppl so i hope i have more opportunities to help out with that in the future.. well sean is progressing really well. before he was baptized he was really quiet and didn't say much in our ward meetings and stuff but lately he has literally been killin it.. his input is really powerful and strong :) its really fun to watch ppl grow in the gospel :) and thats what being a missionary is all about! lucky me ha! ah man i feel at a loss for words though. oh ya, ppl here think my eyebrows are like nuts haha how weird is that? the other day we were talking to this guy in the park.. he has been smoking for like fifty years and we call him willy. he has one of those holes in his neck? i think they call em like a trake or something.. anyway so we were finding out about his beliefs and right in the middle he stopped me and said "your got a set a eyebrows on you boy! looks like a couple a caterpillars fell out the tree and landed on your face" haha how funny is that. just imagine that in a fifty year old smokers voice haha.. ah man i though i would share that.. we also had these guys start yelling at us from a pub.. they thought we were jdubs. so we told them we were mormon and they started asking questions about us like our stand on things and certain sins stuff like that.. mind you this whole time some of these guys were so drunk they couldn't stand up haha they were just like laying on the side walk :) ah man we actually had a good conversation with a few who weren't drunk out of their mind.. and  they invited us back next weekend and said they would buy us a coke because we don't drink... this situation just showed how elder Hansen is so good with people because he joked with them taught them about our beleifs and it was cool to see :) i noticed as well that he can talk about it like he is a schallar.. i don't know how to spell that but he can answer any question with doctrine and with back ground like its nothing. whenever it gets into the deep stuff, i get to just observe sorta.. not in a bad way i still input and stuff. i listen to the questions that they ask and ask myself if i could answer them and how i would.. its one of the best ways to learn ever, because it helps me find more stuff to study :) i really like studying the scriptures.. i know that may sound weird because i remember studying like three times in high school but learning something thats going to benefit someone else and it builds my faith as well.. you just cant beat that.. go spirit :)
ah man well i miss you guys :)  I'm so happy you guys are happy and i really love you i would say my advise i learned this week is talk to everyone!! i did it before but i looked at it as a chore sorta.. but through reading some things and having cool experiences it helps you realize how much of a benefit the church is.. so if you look at it in a way like i can share something that will benefit that person.. it makes it easier than to think like ah man another person here we go... idk if im the only one that thinks that but im a learnin! :) i love you all!!
love elder wiser :)
p.s. i did sit by a guy on a bus.. i tried a conversation and he shut me i was like fair enough and i was working on my planner.. he threw up a hail Mary and said im waiting for you to talk to me about your church.. so i talked to him.. he was a catholic for 20 years he got married at 43 years old.. no kids.. his block from the mormon church was Joseph smith.. which in all honesty is the only problem ppl have.. but i though that was cool :)

p.s.s.  ppl here love my name because here they call their money pound sterling :) funny huh? so a few guys in the ward want to start a business with my name just as the company name haha funny huh? so a quid = £1 sterling.. just though i would let ya know!!  
elder wiser

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