Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 5, 2013

mamabear!!! hey dad :) good to hear from you guys and all is well haha sounds like a party back at home :) thats sick!! the twins are livin the dream ha ah man sound way to good :)....
soooooo I was able to participate in my first baptism in the field!! Sean Antonio Mclean was baptised on Satuday August 2, 2013 and confirmed the following sunday :) how cool is that!!!! God prepares his children im just glad I had a front row seat.. the spirit was so strong.. and i loved how happy sean and his family are :)
a little more about sean.. about two and a half years ago two elders knocked at his door while trackting.. sean is a nice guys so he let them in. he lives with his mom and at the time she was a member of the trinity church and didnt want anything to do with the elders.. as soon as sean started to progress and began attending church. it sparked his moms attention... so she got sorta curious and started coming to see what her son was doing.. as they progressed the elders that were teaching him invited both of them to be baptised..  the crazy part is is that sean didnt feel ready and juliana (seans mom) wanted to become a member of the church! she was baptised two weeks later...  after a while the missionarys slowed down coming by because sean still didnt want much to do with the church.. long story short two and a half years later he woke up on sunday had a feeling to come to church which is where we met him and started teaching him :) we taught him everyday almost for two weeks refresing all the lessons and prearing him for baptism and he was baptised on august 3 :)
yeahh!!!! the church is true :)
love you guys
love elder wiser
dad notice the tie? yeah :) wayne made us huge burgers and the hottest wings on this planet.. here she is :)
this one is of this stuff they call capsin or something... its  rated 1.5 mill on the heat scale.. so i figured yolo and took a soaked toothpick of it..................... read that bottle and tell me if that was a good idea haha ah man teenagers :)
needless to say it was flippin hot!!!!!!!! 
 :) yes i make myself good meals!!!!! sweet and sour rice.. with chicken flavor haha im a little cheap still though :)

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  1. Congrats!! I am so excited for you! It looks like you are doing well.