Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th, 2013

This was at a dinner appointment and Sterling dropped his chicken - it was all he had so he decided to apply the 10 second rule. He picked up his sandwich and put it back onto his gluten free bread and had it almost in his mouth before he noticed the little surprise on it.

that is a little thing i think they call a newt or something.. we found it during service 
oh the new guy is elder turney.. he is from redding and so sick!! strait boss :)
Today is a bank holiday so we played football this morning :) yeah buddy!! i played goal keeper

Ahh man, well this week was really good.. we have been finding a ton and we have found some really good investigators :) jess and jeni are italian. we GQed them a month or so ago and we stopped by again and they had read the materials we left and wanted to learn more :) they are so humble and so cool :) so were teaching them.. hmmm we had to drop nat and josh.. that was a hard one. they were both on dates and they had testimonys but her  husband just stepped in and said he didnt want it.. so that sorta sucks but  since they have testimonys and stuff some other missionary will find them and it will be awesome :) we have a few others but they are pretty new so we will have to see how they go :) ah man but the work is good :) well i have a sorta funny story.. so i was volenteered to teach the lesson in gospel principles.. gospel principles is like sunday school but its for all the investigators or new members so they can focus on the basics.. its about  a fourty five min class with a lot of class discution.. a lot of the good stories are on the internet so preparing for this lesson i just hit the book really hard.. it felt like i sorta winged it but my mission mates gave tons of input and it was all well.. the worst part of this whole thing is that my zipper was down... haha! that always happens in the best moments.. so i found out half way through the lesson because i wasnt getting much eye contact... so i had to like have everyone look somewhere so i could fix it haha. It was really funny but i was really embarrassed ha, ah man, it was something to laugh about :) it finished it all off well.
.. so i learned a ton in this lesson in just like be alma or something ha :) so thats what i have been working on.. being a representative of the gospel we should be bold! we're teachin the gospel! when we wake up in the morning and put that badge on were full time warriors for Christ! yeah!! ah man well life is good :) i really love you guys and im glad all is well..
love you!
love elder wiser

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