Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

This was at a water fight activity with the youth - we go to the youth activities when they bring investigators.

Elder Kerr's farewell dinner at Nandos

this is laser tag :) it was sick!! they painted us and we wore hats and stuff :) it was a really good time :)

hello family!! this week has been a good week as usual :) all is well! well lets see.. stories stories.. so this week we have a few new investigators so that is a blessing :) we have been really busy it seems like we did a lot of service this week.. so i got to use my spring cleaning skills quite a bit. the lawn mowers here are so weird! they don't have wheels its just like a little sled thing you push and it chops the grass.. its weird but it is what it is.. we played laser tag with the youth this week that was really fun :) we took some pictures so you can see that.

ok so nothing to eventful has happend this week but all i can say is the work is good :) something that sorta sucks I left my scriptures at a gnarly dudes house.. so there is two possible things that is going to happen well three :) one, he opens it and reads some of the highlighted ones and gets baptised.. two, he sells them to a pawn shop.. three, nothing ha so im hoping its number one :) but i want you guys to know that i really love you and i think that you are the best :) keep livin the dream.

so Ian.. the older Ian is the most dificult investigator Elder Hansen has had and I guess that I will have.. he works at GCHQ in the math department.. so everything he reads or looks at he anylizes it and studys it.  we leave him with scriptures and when we follow up he askes what certain words mean which opens up a whole different conversation. so its difficult teaching him but he is learning.. he has to come to a conclusion on everything but its happening slowly :) uhh the second ian is sorta sketchy.. we invited him to baptism but he dosent want much to do with us, its pretty much that were just american and elder hansen likes talkin about politics.. so we probably wont be able to teach him to much more.

missionary work is inviting people to be better.... is an important lesson because thats all were here for pretty much! have a look at our purpose, it is to commit people to follow Christs example :) I do have a story its about a guy named Theo..he beleives the book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet.. he told us during the lesson we were teaching.. so at the end of the lesson I asked him both of those questions again and when he said yes I invited him to be baptised... now this was my first time Elder Hansen didn't set it up for  me, I just went for it so I was sorta shaky and I didnt want to do something my trainer didnt want me to.. anyway, he didn't accept because he has been baptised already.. not with the restored preisthood.. and he doesn't understand why, it's so... frustrating! but anyway so after the lesson we were walking and Elder Hansen said two things to me that meant a lot... he said Wiser I'm going to tell you two things right now.. one, that was gutsy and I liked it.. two when you invite someone to do something you fetchin look them in the eye like a man. this is Gods work and we're here to do it, so be bold!.. so at first I was like wo.... wo there.. but he is a hundred percent right.

the service was for mama chesters.. she had a stroke and one of her arms dosent work.. it was a few years ago so I think she is pretty used to it.. she was in africa when it happend so she spent a year and a half in africa.. crazy eh? we sorted out her garden and elder hansen and I are building her a ramp for her scooter :) the Saunders moved so we helped them with that.. mark, her son, is a stud :) he has been working a lot and he didn't have a phone for a while.. so we couldn't contact him to much but we are going to lunch with him :) were doing something they call the three threes.. so we I have to eat a bunch of stuff - and if i can I eat\drink three main dishes, three desserts, and three pints of water... you earn respect :)

I have had battles with spiders here... some of em are just huge and everywhere... we're pretty involved in the youth. we only go if  we have some younger investigators there but they pretty much do everything we do at home just with the weather differences and stuff... but we have a really good time with them :)

I ride my bike everywhere.. we only walk if were street contacting or just moving small areas.. I have taken a few buses but we can usually just cycle.. plus we have to spend money everytime we take the bus.

but sacrament is so hard to pay attention! Its not really reverent, everyone just talks - its really hard not to get distracted. its hard bringing investigators sometimes when you know there is going to be a kid screaming in their ear when they are trying to find out what the spirit is... ah man ppl yell stuff from the congregation sometimes though :) like ppl say thanks or tell the speaker to be strong.. just funny little stuff :) the best.. 
elder wiser

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