Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Sterling & his new companion Elder Palmer from Syracuse UT

Playing Monopoly

Watching a football (soccer) game

Master Chef's
I learned how to boil rice!!! and hansen taught me this thing where you drain it.. then put oil in the pan.. put the rice back in and cover it with a lid and it makes it not sticky!!

Dinner Time

Watching a Living Scriptures Movie

Hey family!! it was wonderful to hear from you all today. p-day is the best for that reason :) hmmm so there has been a few big changes in Cheltenham.. my trainer, Elder Hansen left and went up to coventry... he will be missed... Sister Wengert left as well she went to Darby...everything else is the same though :) the new elder and sister we received are amazing though.. sister andersen got sister vance.. she is from canada she likes cats and wedding dresses.. haha .. elder palmer is my new companion, he is from syracuse utah, he loves american football and trucks :) elder palmer is awesome though we get on really well! So my new companion.. Elder Palmer.. is our new district leader - He is a lot like Nelson.. so he is really kind and charitable and  love him to death. and a little like Elder Bumby - lots of energy. I feel like I have grown more in these last few days in myself then my whole mission..... ahh man.. well Elder Palmer calls every girl he sees, love- like "hello love how are you?" then when they say hi, he looks at me and is like "ahh yeah!" :) hahaha so we just have a good time :)  We teach together really well as well.. on  the street he is one way but when we talk about the gospel he is really on top of things. He is a really solid teacher, and we switch off. This is going to be a good transfer :) We get up on time, study, and go to work!! we play a lot of monopoly though. its not my favorite, but its a way to pass the time whenever we chill :) its fun! he wrecked me the first game but I'm winning right now on this game. 

Ah man dad I feel like I have learned so much..... so I wanna thank you dad for everything.. I know people just say that but I really mean it.. I said this a few weeks ago and its true... whenever I'm teaching or something, things you and ma have said in the past just pop into my head... I love it because well its just awesome :) I love you guys so much and I miss you.... 

well prayer is the sickest!! Elder Palmer and I had a moment when we were talking and we started feeling chills and like dark... so we said a prayer and it was gone just like that :) ha seems sorta childish but it was sick! I think good things are going to come from this transfer..... I have some big goals and were going to hit them for sure :)

well this week we have taught some really cool lessons with Phil, Ian, and our recent convert Sean :)
Sunday was sorta a big let down because we were supposed to have three investigators there and not one showed up!!!! I just stared out the window thinking they were going to be late and they never came... it sucked.. but thats ok God gave us agency for a reason :)    Oh man something exciting happend!! so this is giong to be hard to beleive and I dont want you guys to take this as a reflection on our work... but Elder Palmer and I got our first potential investigator from tracting!!! I have knocked hundreds of doors and not one wanted us to come back until friday :) pretty cool huh? street contacting is the best though.. thats what we spend our finding time doing.

Its really dirty in my flat.. we clean as much as we can but england is just sorta moldy and gross... the sad part is we have one of the nicest flats in the mission.. we have a dish washer and a dryer.. so its sick! but somehow these huge slugs get in our flat... like as big as my fingers... they are just chillin.. we find them on the floor and in the utensil draws - all that good stuff :) so its sorta gross.. but its ok :) ill take some pics for next week! I have tried to send vids before but they can only be under 24 mbs.. and thats like ten seconds.... so it sorta sucks.... we found that couch haha, how gross is that.. one of them had a cat living in it but thats ok :) so we just have those sheets on it so we don't directly touch it.  Elder Hansen and Retzer found it one day it brought it home :) we have bunk beds we sleep on.. they are pretty nice :) memory foam mattresses.. I love my sheets though.. that was the best thing we could have ever done.

all is well!! 
love you guys!!!
have a good week be safe!!
love elder wiser

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