Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

sister brassington made me a GF cake!! it was really good :)
it was for a dinner appt.. she is a member and we get along really well :) she has us over quite a bit.. her husband comes and teaches with us a lot :)  
so This little chapel has a key pad on it and its out in the middle of nowhere. This picture shows how you get in :) its really cool and the inside is all decked out with Jesus stuff.. statues and stuff.. oh Grandma Wiser! I found some Baileys in there!! I started to look through this big book and I found some so I took some pics.. I'll attatch them :)
this is our district :) and the members we went with :) they are called the francens.. they live in pleasent grove they are just over here for work

We will have to zoom in but here are the Bailey's he found while touring the Gadfield Elm Chapel

Hey family!! Wow sounds like a really exciting week :) gosh some weeks I read those and I just wish I could see it! ha I'm really glad everyone is happy though and that all is well :)
Stant! bro your race was sick! sounds like you would have wrecked me... eighteen miles is a long way.. plus hills, haha! there is a reason I just rode Down Hill, all I had to do was push my bike off a moutain and hold on, ha so props man :) your a legend!
Elk season... ah man its crazy how bad I miss everything here.. nobody has guns here and they all bash America for it..... ha ah man I love America :) no place like it no place better.. but I have really grown to love England even though I have only been here for a short time. I feel like I have gotten comfortable here and stuff :) Im educated!! :)

Sad news alert.... my bike got stolen.............. I was really angry for about an hour and I wanted to punch everyone that yelled at us. It means someone jumped over our ten foot brick fence grabbed my bike threw it over and ran off with it... so I'm trying to get another bike sorted for the mean time.. I have ripped apart some bikes we had in the back yard and I'm making like a Rodney bike :) off the show robots...I have become the bike mechanic out here :) in my spare time its what I do. ha I'm sorting out a old falcon right now.. its about twenty years old.. hand made in Belgium.... so cool....

Well I have a few really cool miracles this week I wanna share.
we had a really cool thing happen with one of our investigators that is on a date this week.... we have been through all the lessons with him and he is progressing really well.. during one of the planning sessions when we were thinking about what to teach him and we both thought to teach him prayer... so we went over prayer again and how God will help us if we put in an effort... later that evening we called the ppl that gave him a ride to church to secure his lift.. they said that their car had broken down and that they weren't sure what to do.. we were thinking of ppl to give him a lift when he stopped me and said I've got it.. lets just pray! so we agreed and I called phil and I invited him to say a prayer for the car to work so they could get to church... sure enough the next morning we walked up to church and there they were!! it was so cool :) we taught him that lesson and then Heavenly Father showed him that it works the same day!! he shared that experience in our gospel principles class and I think it really strengthened his testimony.. it strengthened mine as well.. it was defiantly a blessing and I'm so glad we were able to see it.
I love being a missionary :)
so a little more about elder palmer.  hmmm some of his hobbies are american football.. uhh guns, trucks, horses ha pretty much like a cowboy.. we get on really well though its been awesome, we teach really well together and just stuff is good!! he says he is going to come to meet you guys when he gets home so you will get to meet him then :) you guys will love him!! one of the things he brought with him was monopoly though... we play it every night after we plan... this game has been going since the first day pretty much.... so i was loosing and had half my stuff mortgaged and i was almost out of the game but then he got prideful and i started winning haha I'm joking of course its just a stupid Nephite/Lamanite joke we always talk about... oh missionaries and their church jokes :)

I love being a missionary :) I feel so much happiness all the time.... I really miss you guys a lot.. but this is so cool.. its so cool being able to just have one focous.... serving the lord by tending to a small part of his garden :) I love it!!

well I really love you all and I hope this next week is better than the last :)
love you!!
elder wiser
I really do love you guys though.. thanks for everything :)

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