Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hmm, so this week has been a good week... we did a lot of service and it was awesome :).. Good news I got my scriptures back!! Ian kept them all safe for me :)  

We found some really cool investigators as well.. one called Elishia.. she is from London. We have only had one lesson with her.. things are going well though and she is really open and fun to teach. She is a 35 year old black lady. ha! she is pretty funny and easy to get along with... we don't know too much about her, but she smokes, drinks, and grew up on the streets since thirteen.. she has had a pretty rough life but she believes in being spiritual... so we will see how it goes.. were trying to set up a lesson with her this week :)  

We had  a really good lesson with Ian number two this week as well.. so Ian is a mathmatician so sometimes he is sorta hard to teach because he breaks everything down and likes to have a conclusion.. when sometimes you just have to go on faith.. we get into some pretty deep stuff with him because he asks deep questions so sometimes our lessons get intense but its all in good fun :)  Ian is not married he is sooooo smart though.... you know the American nsa? well here they have something they call GCHQ... he works in the maths department and is just crazy smart... just the other day in our lesson he showed us a few of his skills... he can listen to songs and play them on the piano after a bit of practice!! how nuts is that.... and he is ranked number two in the world on mine sweeper :) I thought gram would like that one ha he is a boss :) on the gospel side of things he doesn't believe in God.... he hasn't established a faith  in God...... he prays and stuff and I'm pretty sure God is answering his prayers but he just doesn't recognize it, its killin' me! and Elder Hansen was teaching him from before I even got here! he has good intensions but he just hasn't accepted his answer yet, oh and Ian doesn't smoke or live with a girl! So that's good.

We built a ramp for mama chesters this week as well so she could drive her scooter into the little shed she has out front. Dad you would have been proud we did a pretty good job :) it may not seem like much but I took pride in my work.. ill have to take a picture so you guys can see it. .. when we finished the little ramp mama had made us an traditional African meal.. it was this stuff that sorta looked like rice and we ate it with our fingers.. you just dunk it in this sauce stuff it was really good :)   However, when mama was cooking she pushed herself a little bit to hard and she sat down.... and then passed out.. so we were all like uh oh! call the ambulance! so we fanned her and sat with her till the ambulance came.. when they checked her out and got ready to go to the hospital she asked for a blessing.. which we gave her.. and she went with them.. it was pretty scary but everything was ok she just got overheated and worked too hard..

Well transfers are next week.... I may have to leave my trainer!  :( we dont know anything for sure but I think one of two things will happen.. one, I just leave and go somewhere or Elder Hansen leaves and our district gets a new district leader who would be my companion. 
Well I love you guys a ton and I hope everything goes well this week :)
love you! 
elder wiser

oh p.s. hey Dad!! I got your package! thanks a ton! I was telling all of my mission mates what you do and how my childhood knowledge is based off of these movies and now I can show them! I'll use them for the kids as well but I had to watch one this morning before personal study, ha! it was a blast from the past :) thanks dad. We are teaching a family.. Mel and John.. they have three little girls that are really cool.. next time were teaching I'm going to occupy them with a church movie so we can have a good lesson with Mel and John instead of being jungle gyms :) ill keep ya posted..

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