Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th, 2013

Hey guys!! :) ah man good to hear you partied at home ha happy b-day angie! ah man i feel like so much has happend this week.. im glad you got to talk to amos :) good to hear all is well there :) i cant beleive he is getting married!! whooo! man life is crazy.
thanks for having fries in my honor :) and all the photos! man the 26 of july was way awesome :)  ill be honest i woke up that morning pretty home sick.. but as we just got to work i started to feel better.. :) plus everyone was so awesome! the sisters made me a custom corn flake cookie cake.. elder hansen hooked me up with some english ties and stlye glasses :) remember the ones that jordons boy wore dad? they are like those sorta :) nicole sent with me a wrapped thing which had a legit tie in it :) cards and stuff!  it was such a good day! thanks everyone! i loved everything!! that was all pretty early in the morning..
             i have a super cool story for this week though.. so last sunday.. this man named sean.. (shaun) he is 42 years old, came to church all by himself, he said he woke up that morning and felt like he needed to go. when we started to chat with him we set up an apt for tuesday.. when we saw him on tuesday... he told us that he wanted to be baptised and that he had had the lessons before and just wanted to be refreshed! but that he knew the church was true and he wanted to be a member! how crazy is that! so we went over everyday this week pretty much and he is getting baptised on saturday if everything goes as planned!!! whooooo! how cool is that! :) the church is amazing! this was such a cool experience 
ah man.. well i say this everyweek but i love missionary work.. i learn so much everyday and i love it!   my favorite spiritual thought was from chapter 32 in alma.... it likens faith unto a seed.. in order for it to grow you have to water it and give it good soil and things like that.. so what are some things that you do to water your seed of faith?
stay positive and help others!!!
love Elder Wiser

sunset to combat shays :) england vs america.. sunset style because america wins in everything else

this one is of me and my comp

me being a goof :)

this one is of my birthday cake!!!!! and then one more of the tie Nicole gave me and the style glasses my comp gave me:)

the awesome sisters that made me this cake :)

this is me trying to be cool like the guy on my tie

this is at tgi fridays :) elder  kerrs b day is today.. so we celebrated on saturday!!

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