Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hello family!! it was great to hear from you all today and I love you guys a ton! Well, its been an eventful week I have learned a bunch more and ill continue to do so.. well where to begin.. I had some super cool experiences this week. I have gotten a lot better at teaching, I found the trick is to just be a human.. ha! I was always trying to hit the points in order but that just makes me sound like a robot.. so i have really been working on being a human ha does that sound weird? Yeah, a little but its true.. well, English weather.... all I have to say is that as of right now my expectations are destroyed! I thought it was supposed to rain everyday all day and I came into blazing heat! I’m not complaining because I love it but its so different! I think I’ll get my fair share of rain while I’m here though ha no worries :) I wanna talk about my companion for a little bit... starting out with he is a complete stud.. I know that God put us together for a reason. He has taught me so much!  We are such good mates (friends) he is the perfect example of how to live in harmony with the spirit and that’s so important for the work.. and how to enjoy the work as your doing it.. great example!

 Mom he comes home in 5 months and he lives in Cedar City.. so when he comes to visit Amos he is going to give you a hug :) everyone in the family ha even Tuffy!! You will see how awesome he is then!

Well my stories this week have just been a confirmation that the spirit works all the time.. all you have to do is be worthy and receptive and you will notice it.. so my comp and I were biking home from the chapel, just chatting, when he stopped talking and rode over to this lady walking on the side walk...( when I first got to the mission I used to think.. what the heck is going on, but now I realize that its just him doing what needs to be done) so I follow suit and we started talking to this lady. Her name was Pauleen. We started out just talking about her feelings on church and God, she said she wasn’t interested but that she liked talking to us.. right in the middle of our conversation a butterfly crash landed on the cement. It was a nice looking butterfly and she took care of it for a while until she returned it to the tree.. all this time we were talking about her life and how being a good person has helped her.. She was extremely charitable. One of the best examples I have ever seen. After her parents died of cancer she just started visiting and taking care of people in hospitals.. the spirit was super strong in our conversation.. my companion bore our testimonies on the book of Mormon, its truthfulness and the power and happiness it can bring into our daily lives.. as we were about to split ways she decided to call us the butterfly boys ha sounds funny but I loved it :) I remember walking away from that chat feeling like we had legitly helped her life by introducing her to the b.o.m.. and it was a gift from Heavenly Father... I don't feel like I told this story very well at all but the moral of it is stay worthy of the spirit in all you do so you can be an instrument in Gods hands and be able to witness the blessings that come from it..    I wanna finish saying I love this gospel and even though I have so much to learn I love every minute of it :)  I just love it!! Ha! I love being a missionary! whooooo

Mark is the ward missionary.. ill take a picture with him and his mom :) we call him marky mark and mama chesters, ha i love them.. we go do service all the time for them :) but mark is a literal champ... he comes out with us so much... he is way to nice. He djs during the week at a club :) so, he is sick! and so spiritual.. its crazy. you would think that someone who works at a club.. but is so spiritual his whole life is based around the church..  he is a stud!!!
i have been really enjoying the bible :) Three hours of study is nuts ha... we have an extra hour because of training..
ha mama chesters has a joke she likes to laugh about.. she is from Africa so she says her words like elda wisa... so this is something thats not really funny but the fact that she laughs so hard is funny, ha! ok here it is.... elda wisa.. and elda dumba (meaning elder hansen) haha she laughs so hard everytime she says that :) funny right ha ah man... i love it!!!
ah man.. well im going to get out a here.. love ya mom!    thanks for all ya do!
elda wisa and elda dumba..... ahahah

love you guys a ton.
 stay safe, keep livin’ the dream!

love elder wiser :)

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