Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

This is Mama Chester's and a dinner appointment after service
Missionary surprise GF Style - Sterling said his companion loved it! 

Holy crazy week!! Sounds like you guys had a blast :) A lot happend thats for sure :) go family!! haha mom I wear my helmet :) and the riding is pretty fun:) its pretty bumpy but thats ok :) my front tire tried falling apart so i pretty much re packed  the bearings with a tooth pick ha we have no tools here!! so my ghetto rigging skills are coming out of the wood works :)
Well lets see... stories this week :) we have seen many miracles when we are finding :) proof again that this is Gods work :) I see that every day :) I think the one that stands out to me the most is about Allen.. on the trian home from Birmingham after the follow up training meeting.. we boarded the train.. were looking for spots that were together so we could talk to all the missionarys when we found that there were none... so i found my seat with this chill looking english guy.. at first my mind was like ok, he is listening to music and looking out the window.. i didnt want to disturb him so i was sitting there contemplating ways to strike up a conversation without seeming to weird when the ticket collecter started walking down the isle... when he stopped and looked at my ticket he asked to see the one from the person next to me.. they had a little arguement because allen had his ticket taken by the lady before.. so this was my shot.. the ticket inspecter said he was going to check things out.. i started a normal conversation and as we got talking he asked what i was doing in england.. because im obvioustly american ha.. so we talked about why im here... and about his belifes.. he had tons of questions and i ended up teaching the restoration and telling him how it applys in my life and how it helps in everyones life :)..... i gave him the first book of mormon i have ever placed by myself :D may sound funny but it was a fourty min train ride and we talked the whole time :) i got his number and he asked me to refer him to the other missionarys in the place he was at :) he was such a good dude!! this experience helped me realize how very important study is and being able to have the spirit in your life is. not having my trainer there to back me up made me rely on the spirit to help me ask inspired questions and answer his questions.. it also helped me how the restored gospel can apply in everyones life and how much of a blessing it is!! :) go missionary work!!!!! :)
well i can honestly say no matter what happens each day that if we have our minds in the right state... being happy and worthy of the spirit... each day will be a testimony builder and help us realize that god does love us :) if i ever get discouraged or down.. i know tht if i keep praying for that extra help or that act of service i can do.... how it shows how god loves everyone and that he loves me :) and you and you and you ha
ah man well i love england. i know god sent me here for a reason and i love going day to day as a missionary :)
i love you guys
 Elder Wiser

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