Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

holy goodness :) ... shay seems to have crazy experiences every few days! ha oh to serve in mexico :)
the mail here is nuts!!! It kills me that letters take so long.. ah man.... we shall see

missionary work is way too awesome :) I love this stuff! did you guys watch the devotinal on ward missionary work? what do you think?

Teaching with the spirit is hard... but when you feel it.. there is nothing like it :)
The baptism was really good.. it was for Moreen and our zone leader elder kerr baptized her.. the spirit was super strong and we had an investigator there named ian... he is atheist... we have been teaching him forever and have been though all the lessons. he just cant feel the spirit.. i have felt it around him a bunch but i think he just either dosent know what it is or is blocking it.. but he loves talking to us about the church so thats alright i guess.. but the spirit was super strong and i loved it:) i just cant wait till its me in the water and i helped whoever is in there with me there.. just gotta keep workin :)
I had a dinner appt the other day and the kids litterally took turns screaming so we couldnt hear..... and they didnt do anything..........:( i wanted to punch something.. if dad was their dad they would have lost years of life becuase it was for like in hour straight.... ah man crazy... 

 I would say the things that happen the most here would be seeing the hand of God in our work.. everything happens for a reason.. we get a prompting to do something like knock a door, and when we do they just reject us.. its a bummer... but then we meet someone on the street and they want to learn the gospel! its super cool. so if your intune with the spirit.. if your living in the moment and doing your best.. things will happen how they need to happen.. if you talk to someone and they drop you.. it could just be that you were planting that seed... the seed of faith :) so pretty much be obedient, work hard, have the spirit as your constant companion, and things work out :)
my comp is way to awesome! we are good boys for sure... what i mean by spirit of the law is like he is a human.. thats what makes him so good at missionary work though.. thats how all the missionarys here are.. they are completely obedient but they are human... does that make sense?
well i love missionary work and i love the gospel :)
i keep studying and praying so i can be better and strengthen my testimony :)

love you guys!
love elder wiser

 ah man i forgot to tell you!!! I was in a pageant this week so there is a picture for that.
my comp was an angel and I was Sam, haha! my comp just wore a dress ahahahaha I laughed so hard haha ah man.. it was good fun for sure... well i love you guys!!! keep me updated :)
This is half the sisters and elders in their zone.

me and Sister Anderson.. what do you think of my hair??  the guy who cut it didnt speak much english so I just said to do some thing cool pretty much.. with my best persian language I could, haha super funny... love you!! 

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