Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello from Cheltenham

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uhhh i get super nervous on the doors, so i think that i just need practice.. and doors get slammed here.. so tracking is a difficult. stopping ppl on the street we can do :) 
 ppl mistake us for jahovas witnesses sometimes and just ppl of religion so they slam the door quite a bit :) some ppl are nice though..there are nice ppl everywhere! all i can say is that i love it here....and elder kerr said that family can pray for them but you cant join in any special fasts or anything.. i just wanted to make sure i wasnt breaking any rules ha.... my comp is really cool.. super relaxed.. there is a by the book elders and a spirit of the law elders, and elder hansen is a spirit of the law elder.. super sick though he is such a champ.  but im striving to get better every day.. the church is true ha and i left a note for skyler clark :) he will get it when he gets there.. hey will you text colt and see how he is doing? i wont be on here by the time that he texts back but i wanted to know if he got my post.. and if he is doing ok :) are you happy?  how is the ward?
Today on our p-day we played baskeball or hoop... markymark taught me the ways of a boxer.. so we trained for a good hour and a half in grappling and boxing :) super sick.. and i can email all day... so if im at the chapel and around a computer, like today, i can email all day.. idk if thats against the rules but im next to the zone leader right now and he has been going as long as i have ha so i think im clear...
Just pray for england honestly.. i told stant about it a little.. our investigators are really good and they know the gospel is true but they wont take that next step.. so its a work in progress.. as of now our investigators are nat chloie josh hubert ian.... uhh hmm thats all i can remember oh there is tarquin.. he is a uniqe fellow.. idk for some reason i feel weird like just barley... hmmm well just pray for england :) so their hearts can be softened
 oh the investigator we had our first lesson with just texted and said he prayed and felt good!!!!! ahhhhh whooo thats so good :) go holy ghost. and ya i have been well protected out here.. cars try and hit me all the time because the roads are so small. ha! its the most intense thing ever.. remember dominica? thats sorta what its like here.. sketch business
yay mom :) keep the faith ha i had to work on that one to.. i worried about you guys like crazy... right after i left everyone got hurt!! it scared me so i pray that my mission blessings go towards safety ha if im allowed to do that :) dang.... well how is the a team? everyone holding up ok? im glad to hear your alright ma :) big hug via internet!!!!
did you sell trixy? and is tuffy still alive? i snuggle any dogs i see haha which has only been one cute one :)
ah man i gotta go.. i love you mom :) hold strong!! our lesson just canceld so i get to go tract haha   yay :)
i love all the family :) tell em and give out hugs :) i mean litteral hugs not just telling them its a hug from me to them through you :) the chuch is true!!!! i love it :) ill have stories for you next week! loves loves

elder wiser

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