Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hey ma :) district p-day today!! i would send pics but I'm at the apple shop... i probably won't get to email till next week.. but we shall see.... we had some really cool things happen... matt passed his baptism interview and is getting baptised next week..... he is the best :) ill tell you more about it when i can... but i love you guys so much!! i gotta go!!!

love elder wiser

Sterling didn't have a lot of time today - he just sent these little messages in response to some of my email questions.

Transfer calls were today - So I asked if Sterling would be seeing any changes - this was his response:

I'm staying in Lincoln and president called Elder Higham to be a zone leader........ I don't have much time either because were going to a lesson. He is pretty nervous but he is more prepared and worthy than anyone else I know... he is going to be the best zone leader in the mission!!!

I told him about my new teaching job at South ogden jr. high:

ah thats so good!!!! what an amazing week :) sounds like you have your hands full with all of those students.. I'm glad you like it though :) nothing like enjoying your new job!! the guy Matt we are teaching is a teacher and he said all you have to do is be really strict, then ease up and people will respect you and then they love you :) so thats the best!! your the best ma.. all your students are going to love you :)

We sent him some pictures from Stanton's wrestling tournament in Idaho Falls - Tiger Grizz:
tiger grizz... I cant beleive that is all going on right now.. last year, I was there!!! ahh man! I wish I could watch him.. he looks like he is really going after it though... I love his stash haha, I love it :) i'll be getting on later but i dont have a lot of time left.. i really love you :) my family one will be for later :) love you!! (We didn't get a family email)

I asked him if he had time to go sightseeing on his P-Day:

oh and with sight seeing :) yeah i have seen the cathedreal... and the castle ha but we dont have a lot of time for that sorta stuff.... teach, find, teach, find, ha! when we come back here after my mission i'll give you guys the grand tour though and i'll be able to see most of the stuff :)  

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