Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

So im going to have to be speedy, but this week was amazing..... so spiritual! ok so I have a few highlights
Matthew was baptised this sunday on Jan 26 of 2014.... he was so prepared to receive the gospel...
we had a few lessons with him this week that were amazing..
One of the lessons was on the atonement.. Sister priestly came up with a brilliant idea about doing a lesson on the atonement.. so we did the who, what, when, how, whys of the atonement.. it invited the spirit so strongly and then there was a cherry on top.. this story.. if you can look it up I would because it was awesome...

The Story is called "The Room" by Josh Harris. on You Tube

its a story about a man who is dreaming about being in a room with a bunch of files in it... he walks through it and realizes that everything in his life has been recored on these little index cards.. he goes through some that bring him great joy and some that bring him deep sadness... some things he had wished had never been recoreded.. but there they were in his own hand writing and with his name signed at the bottom. 
I pulled out file after file of things that had happend in my life. music I had listend to, girls I had liked, jokes I had told, I also came accross things like, mean things I had said to my family, things I had muttured under my breath to my parents, as I looked through file after file I came across one with the title lustful thoughts I have had, I pulled the file out  just three inches to pull out a card. while reading it I felt a horror and shame that I hadn't felt before! I had to destroy these cards! I had to find the key to this room, lock it and throw away the key! I yanked out the file drawer and began to hit it on the ground. only to find that the cards all stayed in place! I pulled out a card just to find they were as strong as steel and I couldn't tear them. My back hit the wall and with tears streeming down my face I let out a long sigh.. then someone enterd the room.... no oh no it can't be him.. it was Jesus Christ.. He came over to me and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.. then he began to look at the files. No no I yelled! he was pulling out each card. and where my name was signed his name was signed over, signed with red ink.. his named was signed with his blood.... it seemed like a flash and he was back by my side.. words couldn't describe how I felt, a wieght was lifted off my shoulders and I felt at ease I looked up at Jesus and he gave me a smile.. he stood up and offered me a hand. I took it and he helped me up and took me to the door.. this room had no lock, there was still cards to be written.
Jesus suffered for our sins and we can be forgiven for them. all we have to do is ask :)
I love you guys and I know the church is true..
being a missionary is the best :)
love elder wiser
ma I gotta go!! ill have matt email you about his baptism :) he is an amazing man.. I truly love you all so much..
ill talk to you next week :)

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