Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

hey guys!!!! good to hear from you all today :) man seems like loads is going on and I appreciate stantons picture on his new bed! haha ah man you guys make me laugh :) the house is lookin good though.. is it wierd having a hard wood floor down where the man cave used to be? seems like you guys have had your hands full!! :)
well reading about lavar is really sad.. i remeber him really well actually :) always in a hat with his shirt tucked in, I remember him being really joky as well... its just weird how stuff happens so sudden.. all you can really say is that God has a plan for us.. I watched a mormon message on forgivness the other day about that guy whos family was killed in a car crash and how he just forgave the drunk teenage driver that caused it... when I watched that i just seemed to think of how much harder would it be going throgh that not knowing that God is there for us.. i just feel wierd about it.... ah man.. im glad so many ppl showed up though :) i bet he didnt even know he made such an impact on ppl.. 
well now that im all feeling thoughful and quite i guess ill carry on ha
Here is a message from my new companion:  this is elder mcfarland       "sup. im from bountiful. being a missionary is the best. GET INVOLVED!!"
so yeah thats him :) we are just really good friends :) the person he seems most like to me back at home is destery haha so he is just funny but we have another really good transfer ahead of us :) lincoln is the best!! i love this place :) the ward has gottten so excited about missionary work its awesome.. next week we are going finding with the ysa :) haha im going to try to go out with everest!! stopping all the chinese ppl i can ha ah man... im going to be so sad if i leave here.. i love it so much!
i dont know if you guys ever got to talk to elder highams family but he is the coolest :) i miss him.. the mission is what the mission is but i loved serving with him.. he is going to be a great zone leader in nottingham though...
in a short bold statement though things are going great :) i love serving out here.. i feel like everyday i get a confermation that this is the place god wants me to be in and im here for a reason :) i read in the BD about prayer and how pretty much we are just trying to alighn our will with gods.. i cant remember exactally what it said but doing your best is all that god wants from us.... he knows what that is and so do you :) we always have energy to sprint the last part of the race and we can always show a little more love, stop one more person. serve just a little longer :) i always tie it into this but in wrestling i feel like i learned that my mind really does controll my body.. if i felt tired its because i told my self i was getting tired.. out here i feel that spiritualy im growing in that way.. there is always a little more we can do :) its all about the mind set and alighning our will with gods :)
i dont know if that makes any sense.. ha ill have matt face book you about the baptism though.. we are going over to his house for dinner tomorrow :)
to answer your question about the mail and stuff.. its all good :) quite a few ppl emial me so sometimes i cant get back to them all.. but i have found a pretty good system of how to work it :) i have colllected a pretty good stack of dear elders though ha its hard when you only spend a few hours in the flat a day and most of it is study eating and getting ready to leave again ha but all is well.. just keep doing what your doing :) it is harder for me to do hand writtten ones though.. because i run around all day.. if i had a car!! ha oh my goodness!!! i totally crashed this week! i forgot to tell you.. so elder mcfarland and i have many similar hobbies and one of those is bikes :) well one day i was feeling a bit adventurous (spelling) and i decided to bunny hop a curb.... well i didnt realize how fast i was going and that my brakes dont work  and i ran into a house haha if i had more time to tell it i would build it up a little more but yeah... i sterling wiser ran into a house this week :) it bent my front fork so at the moment im riding a spare bike till i can get some time to take the tire off and pull it back to normal ha ah man.... i love life!! i also had an old bag of carrots and went and fed some horses :) like thirty of them!! ha ill try and send some pics but i love you guys :) have a great week!!!
love elder wiser

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