Friday, February 14, 2014

February 10, 2014

UUH in not really sure what to say this week..we have been working hard and stuff and we have two baptisms this week but I'm not really sure what to say. but here goes.... :)

so annabelle, we had a big lesson with her this week.. she was preparing to be baptized on the ninth. she was feeling good about it but then her roommate asked if she knew what she was getting into. so she got online and read some pretty horrible things.. that lesson was a hard one ... she knew it was good but it was hard for her to get over it.. we had a really good talk, left her with some scriptures, and then met up with her again a few days later.. she just knows its true :) she knew it was before and she knows now.. just a little bit of a stumbling block. good thing Hannah was there though.. we could have handled it alright but Hannah was amazing :) she just told us the next lesson she wanted to be baptized on the sixteenth ha it was great.. its so important to focus on the ppl.. sure teaching twenty lessons is great and what we are supposed to do.. but make sure that everyone you teach learns something that will benefit them..... teach ppl not lessons... some ppl just try to check the boxes but thats not what human beings need... i have loved teaching this week :) i love feeling like i have helped someone.. i feel so blessed to be in lincoln and i hope i get to stay here for a lot longer.. i love the ward they are so good to us missionarys.. so ready to come out with us and so amazing... i just love this gospel :) god has a plan for us.. everything that happens is D&C 122:7

I really really love you guys though :) make sure to have a good week... Elder Mcfarland is great!!! absolute legend!
love you guys :)
elder wiser
(I asked him if he missed his old companion, this was his response)

I really loved Elder Higham because when we were together we weren't just going throughout the motions...i felt like we sincerely wanted to help ppl and work hard not just to go through the motions...i love all the recent converts here.. its going to be so hard to leave this place if i have to!  i wanna stay here forever!  I really love matt, we spend quite a bit of time with him..he has been making me gluten free stuff :) cool hu? lasagna and dessert..curries :) i hope hannah will email you soon..everest will, ill ask him and Chloee too.

(I received this email from Sterling on February 11, 2014)

hey ma so i have some sad news.... annabelle. we had a lesson this morning and her mom called her and told her she couldnt get baptised.... she is old enough to choose but if she did she wouldnt talk to her..... ahhh mannnnn!!!!!! im shattered.. the only reason im on here is cuz pres wanted us to take a survey.... i felt so bad but we just read D&C122:7 and second nephi 4 ninteen i think.... just talked about how we can learn from everything that happens. we are fasting tomorrow to try and soften her moms heart... will you guys do that as well? stupid satan.... we feel like we comforted her and she was cheered up a little. at the end of the lessons we have with her i always ask if anyone has any questions comments or blond jokes and that seemed to get a smile out of her haha.... I have to do some more stuff for the district later this week so ill let ya know whats going on . but I love you guys :) I hope the funeral went ok and I hope the family is I ok....  I wish I could send like a spirit hug to you guys.. just know I love ya and that if there is anything I can do for any of you I will do it... (ask me to baptise everyone!) haha just kidding, already trying :) I do love you though :)
have a great rest of your week!! ill let you know whats happening in a few days.
oh man last comment.. so in the bill carpenter story.... idk if you have heard it but i love it. you should check it out.. when he wants to be baptised his parents call him to their house and when he gets there there is all of his stuff on his front door with a note saying "if you get baptised,this family will go from twelve to eleven. so if you choose that take your bags and go.".... when i listen to that it kills me and i feel like thats whats happening to annabelle.. the missionaryes in the tape tell him that if he dosent get baptised he will show his family that he loves them then.. but if he does it will show them he loves them for eternity..... it just shows that satan will try to get at someone doing the right thing in anyway he can.. it makes me mad but at the same time what can we learn here.... ha ill let ya know :)   love ya!
elder wiser

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