Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

 Hey guys!!! so first thing congrats stant :) im so proud of you bro!!!! i had a mini wrestling match in here with this key board and my neighbors leg when i was watching your matches haha your did absolutly brilliant though man :)
sounds like you guys had a really good week as well.. visiting the veterans, shelby getting kissed by a 97 year old man, haha! what the!! that was so funny :) im really happy to hear you all are happy :) i love you guys!!
so this week in lincoln.... crazy story... first picture ha
so this guy came up to me with a wrench and asked for my bike.. siince it wasnt mine i said no because its not mine to give.. so he hit me...........

haha just kidding!! i hit a patch of ice :) i was in a good lean to make a corner and my bike came out from under we so fast all that hit was my face.. it just skidded, ha! horrid really.. i also was wearing my gray suit..... hole in the knee and soaked it in blood..... im gutted about that... ill still rock it though :) ha but ya thats my story! because of that we missed district leader council and i have a hole in my face.
I also ate this stuff called crakling.. dad you might remember what this stuff is.. basically just pig skin and fat cooked into the oven till its really hard and crunchie :) so i was feeling adventurous and tried some haha turns out on the pig skin they dont take off the hair hahah so I just ate a football with hair on it haha it was sorta gross it had a good flavor though :) and i ate a little extra just to prove my man hood ha i should have taken a picture.. just pig skin with hair on it... one of the wreirder things i have eatin ha
so now that all the weird stuff is out of the way!
one of the little girls we were teaching got baptised this weekend :) she is so sweet! what she said the lesson befor her baptism (she is 9) was "mom dad can i get baptised? i really feel like im old enough to keep the commandments and do what god asks".. that about melted my heart, how cool is that? i love seeing how the gospel will always bring the best out of people if they let it :) her baptism was wonderful to.. held after church. some of her relitives spoke :) it was wonderful!! baptism is such an amazing step we get to take.
the rest of this week has been really good though :) elder mcfarland and i are great friends.. its so nice. like if we were at home we would totally chill.. it makes working hard so much easier knowing that they have your back and that we are on the same page.. he is the best.  i have been so blessed! i love being a missionary so much..
all of your recent converts are doing great as well... i honestly dont really know what to say besides the church of jesus christ is the one true church on this earth.. and by livin the way we should we will be blessed :) i love seeing the gospel take root in peoples lives.. it makes everything so much better!!

i love you all so much though... im just so grateful to you. thanks for all you do for me.. i love you guys!
i got your valentines day package this morning haha guess what i had for breakfast?
ahhh yeah fruity pebbles haha i even bowled ha.. you guys are great :)
make sure to have a good safe week :)
make sure to get stant a cup of water for me :) i owe ya one haha
ok this is the last time..
i love you!
love elder wiser

this is annabelle and katy and elder mcfarland!

i was trying to look tough here for my fake story haha here is a better one :) im trying to smile im glad i still have all my teeth ha wouldnt want that :) one of my teeth went all the way throgh my lip though..... im glad i didnt break my nose of something.. blessings ha!

here is mid healing :)

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