Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

we did service the other day :) so much fun!! we worked really hard and got some good stuff done.. i love service.....
im rockin a little bloke hat haha they call them flat caps here.. or gandad caps :) cuz old ppl wear them haha still cool and only five pound :) let me know what ya think!

we would switch off flipping the soil so when he was doing it i was messing around trying to get good pictures :) this one is pretty cool....

i put the camera in a tree on a timer ha i look like a little kid but you can see my face in this one.. i have healed up pretty good :)  it felt so good to feel the sun..... oh my goodness!! i missed it so bad..

hmmm here is one with the sky in it :)
this one was taken by elder M.

here is the same one with elder M and I...
the lincoln a team :)

my week has been great though :) its the last week befor transfers and I'm really nervous... I wanna stay so bad! ha but whatever happens needs to happen... I just love it here so much... which means i'll probably leave ha elder mcfarland is awesome as well.. we are really good friends :) working with him is really easy and we do good stuff.. i love it!
when it comes to investigators its been a bit rough.. all of our old ones sorta died out and we havent found any new ones yet so we have just been finding loads... we have been trying to get the ward excited so we have been doing loads of service... annabelle is good :) we are still teaching her and she hasn't really decided on what to do yet but she has a testimony and is awesome :)

your legends! love you all :)

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