Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Sooo sorry I'm the worst but I dont have loads of time to email, zone p-day today so I just got back from Nottingham.. my time is short!
and dodge night is tonight... uhhh ohhh! I'm pretty sure im leaving but if not i'll be totally happy to stay here for another one.. you know when you love somewhere so much you dont wanna go? so thats why you get sent? haha! yeah! but we shall see :) 
Chloees parents sound nice :) I cant believe stant was so scared to ask her out! haha now look at how things are going!
thats cool about our neighbor as well.. missionary work is the best!! if the ward helps its so much better.. you guys are great :)

this is for stant
happy birthday stant!!
also.. i have been meaning to tell him this.. everest lives in a place called stauton court. so i think of you everytime i go there. 

in the hood of lincoln!! ha just kiddin this is something they paid ppl to do i think. it would make a really good picture spot if you had good lighting and stuff :) we had fun with it though

sorry im running low on time.. last week was great though :) i love lincoln!! mom i thought you might like some of these pics.. graffiti!

last one!! i will say this.. elder mcfarland is the man.. we get along really well :) from the first day on ha it was like we sat there for a second... i told a dumb joke.. then he did then we were best friends haha we just laugh all the time :) being happy is such a a big part of life..... LAUGH!

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