Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 17th, 2014

hey there :) so im at the chapel and the email wont work so i just thought i waould let your know because i read everything i just couldnt reply..... im really glad everything is going so well though :) with class and stuff.... gosh im so impressed with you guys :) you are my family! and i love you! tell stant and shelb sorry i cant email back.. i hope it will work next week.. stant sounds like he is just being a boss haha.. shelb didnt tell me much but she is always good so thats good :) dad is awesome to haha its going to be great talking to you guys in a few months... on mothers day!! wo wo 
i love you guys!!!!! i have a few pics of this week ill send from here
we had a really good week :) the sun is out i get burned from it... it felt so good!! we had a barbeque and mowed this guys lawn.. it was really good and all gluten free :) i dont like wheat.. at all..... its yummy but my small intestins hate it ha i like playing around with badges and my comp... so here is this

these computers are so weird!! sorry about my bad emailing stuff.... so i only have one hour to do all my emialing.. really short.. i do have some interesting stories for you guys this week though :)
i hope all is well with you all :) i love the pictures!! you guys are great.
well this week we had a bit of finding... a little more finding.. and some extra finding haha we have had loads of fun though.. we have set loads of goals and been working really hard to reach them.. we have really been blessed this week :)
we had elder toshera of the 70 come and speak to the zone on thursday.... that guy can speak. he had pretty much everyone eating out of his hand... i learned so much as well.. he shared a scripture that i thought was really good.. its mormon 9:27 and 28..... the part he foucoused on was DOUBT NOT and that something i think everyone has troubles with now and again... he tied it in with setting high goals and beleiving that we could reach them.. i wish i could draw what he drew but basically this week we really prayerfully set goals we thought we could reach but would make us stretch and worked our tails of to try and reach them... and guess what? it worked!! haha the church is true :) but going into it we set some pretty high goals...but we both prayed and felt good about them and we reached them because the lord helped us :) since we always invite ppl to do stuff whoever reads this if you could read this verse and see how you could apply it to yourself? i have really grown to love the scriptures :) befor the mish i had a testimony of them but i didnt use them enough... Elder Bendar said "read the scriptures like they were written for you...... because they are" that is so true... the scriptures will lead us to the tree of life!! but you have to read them and follow them if they will help you... if they are getting dusty you might want to blow them off and have a read :)
well i love you guys so much!!!
have a good rest of your week :)
love elder wiser

Hello there!
I am Elder Smith. I am from Kansas. I have 6 brothers. and your son is a stud.
I am a geek and love star trek. 
i have been on my mission for 18 months. and loving every moment of it.
so that was elder smith! the man!!!

this is elder smiths work

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