Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4th, 2014

I heard from Sterling today - he is being transferred to Newport Wales.  Here is what he had to say.

I'm going to a place called Newport............... yeah look at the map... the other side of the mission!!! i knew i was going to wales though holy cow...... i dont know anyone down there exept for my companion.. his name is Elder Trevor Smith. My companion is from Utah, haha all of em are!! that or Idaho haha funny huh? I come across the world to spend all my time with boys from home haha i love it though... mom ill just say this i love my mission I love being out here.. I served around Elder Smith for the whole beginning of my mission so I know him quite well.. its gonna be good!! new place new challenges... I just said bye to Everest and about lost it though.... I love this place way too much... I'm just being a baby but I love this place.... its going to be weird going to different side of the mission though, new everything.... I won't really know anyone so that will be fun :) I'm just stoked to work hard and be the best missionary I can!!! Mom & Dad... I love you guys :) tell shelb and stant as well.. I'll email ya on p-day and give ya the low down haha.. untill then.

Elder Wiser

Saying goodbye to his good friend Adam Pridham. he's really going to miss Lincoln

hey ma!! so this is a few weeks ago... I had some old carrots and we went and fed them to some horses :) it was so scary!! haha I didnt have my camera so I had to wait for these ones.. but here she is!
About thirty horses ran past... in a herd ha! a few peeled off and we played with them.. they were like licking our ears and stuff it was gross but a good memory ha exchanges!!! love ya ma

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