Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

hey there :) so I'm now in Newport........  holy cow... its like misty here, ha! the flat is really nice though.. things are going to be great! but there is a lot of work to be done.. ill keep you posted for sure :) i love you guys loads!!!! 
my address: is 
Elder Sterling Wiser
159 conway road, 
Newport  NP19 8JU
if you look it up on google maps it shows up as 155 conway road :)
I got here by coach... a long coach ride.. it was nothing for me cuz I'm from America, but the natives were about to die haha, its a bit longer than us going to Grandma Wiser's house and these ppl about lost it, haha it was great :) I was telling Shelby that there is poop everywhere... nobody cleans up after their dogs here.. just imagine walking into city centre and watching a dog leave a huge pile of stuff and the guy just walks away.... in the middle of everything!!!! I first saw that thinking what is this!!! oh man I forgot to tell you about the ward.. ok so i think there was about forty ppl there... they say there is around sixty but I'm pretty sure there was almost forty.. so there is work to be done!! to be honest I'm not really sure how to go about it.... less active work..... finding...... less active work..... finding... my goal is to just be as time effective as possible so I can cram as much in my day as I can... did you see how pretty it is here though? beautiful
The ppl here always say hey-ya! haha its too funny.. sounds like you all have had a fantastic week though :) I'm still having left over excitement from state...  every time I think about it I just think about stant getting out there and slaying it.... oh man!  I got your package!! that hoodie is awesome. I wear it all the time :) those pictures were great as well.. mom your such a blessing... you help everyone so much. I was really impressed with the program you made. your need to get paid! haha stants stash is the best though. I'm so happy he did that! I love you guys!
Well the new area... good ol Newport :) one transfer ago it was white washed into.. it was only left for a few months I'm not sure why.. but its really nice here, we pretty much have to find all new people to teach.. which is fun because then its like you see them grow from the beginning.. all ya gotta do is find them ha :) its a lot different then anything else I have ever done because it doesn't have a city centre or anything.. so street contacting  is really slow going.. so I get to tract now! yay!! its really fun actually :) I have done it before just not as much.. people here are really nice :) I'm currently serving with Elder Smith.. he is actually from Kansas! so he has broken my chain of serving with my neighbours from home haha he is way awesome though we are going to do some good work here. pretty much what he likes is comics and stuff... like super hero's and stuff :) he has been serving for 18 months so far.. so he has about six months left... when I get to that stage its going to be so weird... im going to be a missionary forever!
I don't have loads of time because we have a lunch apt, but a cool thing that happened was, we set Matt who is one of our investigators on a baptismal date my first day.. the name Matt is the best name in England! ah man whoever gets to serve in Lincoln is so lucky! other than that we have just been finding loads.. oh and guess what! Elder Ramos is my district leader! how cool is that? the team is assembling :) (Elder Ramos was in the mtc with me :) he is south African and awesome! we have had really similar missions in being that we used to be in huge areas then we got cast down to wales. haha, I'm kidding about the cast down part but its just smaller and different work.. I have learned a lot already... I love learning!"! I loved Lincoln but I feel like I was really comfortable... that's how I knew I was going to get moved) I really do like it here though this place is great! I'll have a bit more time next week and I'm sure some more stories.
mom i love ya!!!! have a great day :) tell dad srorry about the short email... i have to pay to email here so its a bit different... but i9ll shoot him one next week :) oh and i get to use Spanish here!! there is a Spanish family.. they say i sound native haha its going to be so much fun... enjoy life!!

I love you all!
love elder wiser
oh and I cant send pictures at this place... so ill go over to the chapel and send some :) sorry! oh wait... lets see here hmmmm I found a place to plug it in but i cant bring it up.... by the time i get home im going to be like an old person haha ah man this is killin me.. lets see yeah i cant figure it out... ill see what i can do!

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