Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hello there :) good to hear from you all this week :)
soooooo we have been so blessed! things are going so well and I'm so happy :)
We have met a bunch of new people who want to hear our message and they are all so cool!! I'll show you a picture of a guy named stuart.... we talked with him on the street and he was the coolest guy! He is a body builder so I'm going to take tips from him :) I'm going to come home jacked!! ha me and my half hour of work out in the morning :)
Well this week I feel like the highlight this week has just been lincoln.. I feel so blessed to be here I loved Elder Higham.. being a missionary is so good :)
What stood out to me this week has just been how good god is and how important faith is.. Hannah passed her baptismal interveiw and is getting baptised next week!!! how cool is that! were so excited for her :) her testimony is amazing and she loves the gospel. !!! whoooooo!!!!!!!
I only have five min but all I wanna say is that the church is true :) something ma had hanging up in the kitchen was a board that says prayer changes things.. that is so true.. in Moroni 10 it talks about asking Heavenly Father in the name of Christ having a sincere heart and real intent... I have remembered times when I have prayed for something and I remember looking back telling myself I wanted it but I was really only half hearted or something.. like asking for someone to teach and wanting to feel that prompting but when I hit the playing field I was to scared or something.... in the MTC they showed us that scripture and I thought it was so good for people who were investigating the church... I sorta over looked that thats how everyone should be. haha! Ask and ye shall receive knock and it shall be opened to you! ask in faith!!
I love you all :)
happy new year!
Elder Wiser

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