Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30th, 2013

Hello family! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

Christmas Package From the Wiser's

Everest's first Christmas - getting an American football 

Sterling, Elder Higham, Adam, and Everest

Hey mom :) haha i loved all of it :) I have everything set up and I can it take with me! The jump rope was amazing because I was looking for some work out stuff but I didnt havve the dalla to drop.... you saw my tummy!! haha im flabby now, so I'm planning on getting some more muscle :) I have some goals I just have to sent my mind on it. The only things I opened early was the blanket and the sweats :0 which I love!!! I love it! ha it was funny how our heater broke... it happened a week before Christmas. and I just love that blanky! its so soft. I really loved everything though ma :) thanks so much.
Katy :) yeah I absolutly love katy :) She served a mission in London south......she is such an amazing girl. remember the email with the "did you leave room for the spirit?" that was with her and Brother and Sister Henely... you will really like her :) I have learned so much from her! (Katy texted me (Laura) and mentioned that Sterling's name is very unique) yeah! good old Sterling. haha, my name means either currency or a cigarettes here. Everyone says I should start my business over here though.. sterling wiser :) it just sounds like a finance business or something haha.
ahhhh ping pong :) thats the coolest! how are the elders there? fun, boring? haha. its funny spending so much time with missionarys before I came out.. I feel like I sorta know what not to be like :) ping pong is the sickest though!! glad to hear it went well.
yeah Christmas was different.. but it was a good experience :)  sooooo? I had an accent? did I sound stupid? I really tried hard not to get one haha I wasn't putting it on I promise... was it bad though?
Oh boy! So i just got to the question part of this email :0 so ill answer all of them here we go!!
it was amazing to speak to you and I absolutly loved it... so this accent we spoke about.... hahah uhhhhh hmmm I guess I will just have to listen to myself somehow because it seems that I sound completely American! funny stuff though.. im not putting it on I promise ha
so cool story really fast.. this story is about prayer!
So, it was two days after Christmas, and being Christmas means that nobody wants to meet with us and the work is going sorta slow... so in the morning before we left I prayed and asked if God would put someone in our path or guide us to someone who needed service :) physical service.. so we went finding all day long and right up the the end of the day we turned a corner and saw this lady hitting the street with a spade.. ha, it looked funny as first but she was putting asfault in these huge pot holes in front of her house.. they had been filling with water and splashing her newly painted door and window frames.. so we chatted for a little and asked if we could help.. she said yes!! so I worked the spade and Elder Higham jumped on all the tar stuff. ha! we had a good laugh and she took pictures of us and stuff.. it was amazing! so that right there my friends... is an answer to a prayer :) God answers our prayers all the time but I thought this story was really cool :)
so list of our investigators... i'll just put the ones on dates..
Hannah, Elder Higham and Elder Human had taught her for a month before I got here, so we have been teaching her for around three months.. they found her on the street and I cant remember what interested her in our message but all I know is that she is amazing... she is so nice! she knows the gospel so well and always answers the questions in our classes at church, ha! she is the coolest.. when she went to Ireland for christmas, she went to church both times! and the second time she took her mom :)  solid!
Gabrielle: she was a media referal :) she was talking to one of her friends who is a member and telling her that she was looking for a church to join and her friend directed her to our website.. she loved it and asked to have us around. we have only taught her two times but the times we have, have been really spiritual. She is a choice spirit. we still have a few lessons to teach but she is so prepared..
there is a few others but ill wait till next time. see how things go!
The ward in Lincoln is really good. Really really friendly and I felt at home the first time I got here. People are so good to us missionaries and welcoming to anyone who walks through the doors :)  There is only one ward in Lincoln but we're close to splitting :) just need some more missionary work!
We teach gospel principles every few weeks and Bishop had Elder Higham talk two weeks ago in sacrament meeting. So we do a little bit but the ward does most of it :) we love helping though.
There are around 160 people in the ward, I think... The members are amazing though :) we get fed loads and we feel the spirit everywhere we go. I love the ward!   We have loads of people who are willing to come out with us :) 
Transfer calls are in four weeks.. Elder Higham and I could potentialy stay together for a third transfer.. we work good together so that would be good :)
Mission pres is good :) same old! ha having three hundred missionaries would make it difficult to have a good relationship with him but I support him and I know he supports me :)
Did I answer all your question ok? I know I'm not to good at details but I have don't have loads of time... and thirty more emails to read. haha! ahh time.......... I love you guys!!!!!

Love Elder Wiser

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  1. Missionary work is so rewarding, and I am so glad to see that you are reaching so many people. I see it was also a blessing to receive warm clothing and a blanket for Christmas. The timing could not be better since you lack heat, and I know the weather is cold and dreary where you are in the world. Stay warm and safe!

    Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.